Marathon Spectating (the signs!)

Over the past 5 or 6 years I have become quite proficient at marathon spectating.

It’s always been to support my sister (of course) and i’ve cheered for her at the NYC Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, and the Boston Marathon.  With Boston coming up in less than a week, I figured i’d write a post about spectating.

Her first year running NYC was really exciting!  Because she wasn’t as concerned with time, that year she actually ran over to us and gave my parents a hug.  The first year was also the year where I had some BIG ideas on how to support her.  While the ideas were big, I was short on time and had to rely on my mother for help.  I told her I envisioned headbands with photos of my sister on them, like those doodlybug headbands.

She’s not quite as creative as I am, so we ended up with these.


Literally a photo of my sister attached to a headband.  Not exactly what I was thinking.  The signs this year were also pretty.

The following year I had a bit more time, so I made the headbands I had envisioned.


Much better.  I think that year I may have skipped the signs or threw something together at the last minute.

For the Marine Corps marathon, I was in DC after a business trip, so I didn’t have time or supplies and was left with what I could find at a CVS in Georgetown.

Her first time running Boston was a big deal, but once again I ran out of time and while I bought the supplies in advance, I made the signs in the hotel room the night before the marathon.  My friend was with me though and she put in the effort in advance (hers is the yellow).

I didn’t hold up the second one much because while I thought it was funny, I kind of felt bad.

For NYC last year I think I only managed one sign.


Which now brings me to Boston.  What to write on a sign???  I’ve already bought two pieces of oaktag (blue and pink), so it’s just coming up with the phrase.

I have learned that while signs are lovely, my sister is so focused on her performance that she may glance at it, but she likely won’t really see it.  So my thought this year was to maybe keep it generic.  Funny is great, but again, i’m not sure people really have the time to read/think.  When I’m running I do, but these runners, probably not.  Hmmmm.

Some phrases I’m considering:

You inspire me
You motivate me
One Word:  BRUNCH
When your legs get tired, run with your heart (love this, but maybe too long?)
Netflix marathon (not sure what I’d do with this)
Most people don’t drive 26.2 miles on a Monday

Any ideas?  Do you notice signs when you’re running?


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