Weekend recap -dye, food, and wind

Happy Monday!  It was snowing here this morning.  These HUGE flakes.  It was odd.  Now it’s just rainy and chilly.

I miss the weekend already.

Friday night kicked off the weekend nicely.  We went to a bar for a limited tap of a beer called Fuzzy Baby Ducks from New England Brewing Company.  These folks have got the whole supply and demand thing down!  They only offer this beer in small batches periodically.  You can’t buy bottles, only fresh from the tap.  The tapping was at 7p and my 7:22, it was kicked.  Crazy, right?  It’s an IPA, but a lighter IPA.  I didn’t have any, but it’s definitely all the rage! (I stuck with wine.)  After that we had dinner at Mecha, our favorite noodle bar.

Saturday morning I woke up and hit the gym.  I ran about 3.1 miles playing around with pace and incline.  It felt good as it was the first real exercise I’ve done since getting home.  Later in the day I had a much needed hair appointment.  Thank goodness!  It was a reschedule since my original appointment was for when I was in China.

My other half cooked dinner (chilean sea bass, fingerling potatoes, and asparagus) and I made a carrot cake.  It was my first carrot cake ever and I couldn’t have been more impressed with how it turned out.

carrot cake.jpg

I used the King Arthur Flour recipe.  Here’s the link.  I saw it got good reviews, figured King Arthur would do their research and then just went for it.  I didn’t read any of the reviews which is so not like me.  Thankfully it was great!

The icing was really good too!  I’m not always a fan of cream cheese frosting because sometimes it’s just too cream cheese-y, but this was so good.  Next time I may add raisins, but we’ll see (that’s just personal preference).

Let me know if you have a good carrot cake recipe.  🙂

Sunday here was snowy in the morning and then really windy.  We did some errands in the morning and then headed home.  My other half got to working on a nice Sunday dinner when all of a sudden we lost power.  This was right around 3pm.  A rather large tree at the end of the property went down, taking with it some power lines.  Since it was still light out, it wasn’t a huge deal, but as time went on, we realized it probably wasn’t coming back any soon.

The update said it would be fixed by 6p, then that turned to 7:45p, then 9:45p, then finally 11p.  We went out to grab a bite and when we came home we pretty much went right to bed, since what else is there to do in the dark?  Poor Minnie was so confused.

Thankfully the power came back on around 10:40p and the rest of the night was uneventful.

And now it’s Monday which should be my first full week of a normal routine.  Thank goodness!  The posts may be a bit more sporadic for the time being, but i’ll be sure to pop in if/when I have something interesting to say.

Have a great week!


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