Back in the US(S)A!

It’s a play on Back in the USSR (by the beatles), in case anyone didn’t catch that.

I’ve never been so incredibly happy to return to the US. Back to my family, my friends, my dog, and my routine.

After a 3 hour flight from Seoul to Hong Kong I had a 2+ hour layover, then my flight to JFK.   The captain came on and announced our travel time….15 hours and 57 minutes.  UGH!!!

It was a full flight, I was in coach, and all I wanted was to be home!!  3 movies later, several episodes of the Wire, more episodes of House of Lies, lots of napping and I made it!  By the time I got out of the airport, it was about 12:15a (which was 1:15p in Seoul, so 26 hours later).

Now it’s time to recuperate from all the travelling.  I took it easy today but hope to get back to things tomorrow.  I did manage to run 2 miles before leaving for the airport on Tuesday, so that was good.

I also did this…


After my less than stellar performance at the Savin Rock Half, I knew I wanted to redeem myself.  And since I’m not starting from nothing, I’m thinking this should be an OK training schedule.

The half is June 26, so 88 days away, which means almost 3 months from now, which i’m good with.  I just need to come up with a plan so to the interwebs I’ll go.  This time I’m thinking I may just come up with something on my own, using my past two training plans as a guide.  We’ll see what I can come up with.

Enjoy your evenings!


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