I’m coming home!

This has been a long work trip.  Thankfully most of my trips are only a few days, at most a full work week, but this one came out to about 10 days, which is just too long for solo work travel.

But today was my last day in Korea and I’m heading home tomorrow!! (it’s 10pm in Korea)

Overall I really enjoyed my time in Korea and ended up enjoying it more than China.  Here are my thoughts/observations about the trip.  Please don’t take offense to anything, this was just my experience and not necessarily representative of an entire country.

  • China is dirty.  Shanghai was considerably cleaner than the smaller city I visited about 1.5 hours away.  You could actually smell the hint of chemicals in the air when you got off the train.  Shanghai is known for smog, so to return to the city and breathe in the comparably “fresh” air sums it up.
  • Some of the older Chinese have some really gross habits (smoking, coughing and spitting…lots of spitting, even indoors)
  • I didn’t see anyone exercising outdoors in China (perhaps due to the first bullet).
  • Shanghai is very diverse and you can find any type of food there, which was neat.
  • The drivers in China are nuts!  My cab ride to the airport was honestly the scariest car experience of my life.  I cried.  I’ve never cried in a car and hoped that i’d make it to the airport in one piece.  Traumatic.
  • Korea has lots of water and parks.  I saw so many people walking and riding bikes, which was refreshing after leaving Shanghai.
  • Korea also seems to be a really big fan of heated toilet seats.  They have the fanciest toilet seats I’ve seen and they’re all heated (even in public restrooms).
  • Both Shanghai and Seoul felt very safe, and I really appreciated that.

Overall it was a successful trip.  I will definitely return to Korea, but I’m not so sure about China.  Guess we’ll see what the wonderful world of business has in store for me for the future.

Today I’ll leave you with some food photos.

First, China.  These were cooked by a chef at a Chinese company I was visited.  They were made slightly more friendly to my American tastes but were still considered authentic.

Here’s some food from Korea.  Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the earlier courses and there were a lot of them.  The food just kept coming and coming.  I even ate some stuff I’d never eat because I didn’t want to be rude.  (my semi-meat eating doesn’t really translate well to other countries).

So, looking forward to getting home and back to a routine.

Next up is the BAA 5K on 4/16.  Prior to that my OTF is supposed to open, so hopefully I can get there for a test workout.  I’m sure i’ll like it, just need to rationalize the extra expense.

Talk soon!  Have a great Monday!!!


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