Checking in from China


Well let’s just say it’s been quite the trip.  Here’s a super brief recap by day:
Monday – Monday magically disappeared due to the time change
Tuesday – Hello jet lag (didn’t leave my room)
Wednesday – Tradeshow fun, meetings with salespeople, and then dinner out in a nice area of Shanghai – We had Spanish food, how random?
Thursday – Bullet train to a smaller (and very polluted) city to see some manufacturing facilities
Friday – Food poisoning.  Good times!
Saturday -Today!  Finally able to venture out a bit.  Right now it’s the middle of the day and I’m taking a break.  Also because I prefer my hotel room toilet to the squat bins you find in public facilities.  Yikes!

Due to the craziness mentioned above, I haven’t made it to the gym once this trip.  May try for later today, but we’ll see.

There have been a few bumps in the road but i’m doing my best to enjoy today.  Tomorrow I’m off to Korea for a relatively quick trip before heading back home on Tuesday.  I can’t wait!!

Here are some photos of China, most of which were taken at Yu Gardens in Shanghai (or on the way to or from the gardens).

I put captions on a couple, but maybe you have to click on the individual photos to see them.

Heading back out in a bit to do some more sightseeing, so stay tuned for more photos.

Once this trip is over I will get back to the fitness aspect of the blog, I promise.

Enjoy your weekend!


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