Random Ramblings

My mind is all over the place this week!

Work is nuts, the half is on Saturday, and then on Sunday I leave for a work trip to China and Korea.  Holy cow!  I feel a bit like i’m in survival mode and am hoping that my 15 hour flight will allow me to just relax and breathe (and watch a million moves and read a lot of books).  Just typing this paragraph was exhausting.

So let me dump some of my random thoughts out….

I will probably never Stitch Fix.

Stich Fix is totally the rage on the interwebs and it sounds like a wonderful idea.  Thing is, it’s pricey and I my friend, am cheap (or shall we say frugal).  I read a blog write-up on it and one pair of pants they sent were almost $100.  I’d never.  Again, seems great, just not for me.

These may as well list crack in the ingredients.


Holy cow!  I bought a bag of these on a whim yesterday (on sale for $1.88!).  I figured a little sweet treat would be nice.  These were SO much better than expected that after eating a few too many I actually gave them away to a coworker.  If you are capable of exercising restraint, give them a try.  Or share them.  So good!

My sweet treat (not guilt inducing like above)

fiber one

Fiber One Cinnamon Coffee Cake bars.  So good!  Yes, they are probably full of bad for me artificial ingredients, but for an occasional treat, I’m OK with that.  Be warned though, these are pretty tiny.  If you like to take small bites and savor, you’ll be fine.  If you like to take big bites and scarf your food, this will definitely leave you unsatisfied.


I don’t like to spend a lot on books.  I’ll buy them if they’re less than $8, or I’ll borrow them from the library.  Given two 15 hour flights, I wanted to be armed with lots of books, but once again, my frugality was a little limiting.

Here’s what I have lined up on my tablet:

Kind of a random three, I know.  These were all borrowed from the library, so I was limited in what was available.  Quite a few of the books I wanted were not available as of last night.

Any recommendations?

So I think that’s it for now.  My brain is just full of stuff related to work, running, and travelling and it’s so overwhelming.

Have you ever taken a 15 hour flight?  Any tips?


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