Happy Monday!

It’s HMW!  (half marathon week, just made that up)

Last week was pretty good for me.  Although I did plan for 5 miles on Thursday and that didn’t happen.  It got dark strangely fast on Thursday so I guess it worked out for the best.

Saturday morning however, I did succeed in running a total of 8 miles!

I met my friend around 8am to do 5 miles together.  As i’ve mentioned, I’m typically a solo runner, so this was rather different because she actually wanted to talk!  So I left the ipod and headphones at her house and went out sans music.

It wasn’t too bad.  Definitely slower, but not too slow.  It was in the low 40s on Saturday morning, so it took me a little longer to warm up.  My legs warm up quickly, but my lungs do not.  That said, once they warm up, i’m good.  So we chatted.  It was nice and I appreciated the social aspect of the run and the fact that it gave us time to catch up while still being productive.

She’s quite a bit faster than me, but I appreciated her willingness to come down to my level.  She told me she doesn’t mind the slower pace as long as it’s pretty constant, which isn’t really an issue with me.  Steady Sally.

Once we finished the 5 we grabbed some hydration, hit the bathroom, and then headed to another part of town for a Shamrock Shuffle.  This was a FREE 5K!  Given that it was free, we of course didn’t expect much.

The 5K started at 10a and by that point the sun was shining and while still chilly, it was a lovely day.  For the 5K we split up and went with music.  She did well and I was pretty happy with myself as well.  My average pace was 9:59 and I know I could improve on that if a) I hadn’t run 5 miles before hand and b) I pushed myself a bit harder.  I’m a little encouraged for the BAA 5K in a few weeks.

But I completed 8 miles with no walking and feeling fine.  It was a little encouraging in terms of my attempt at the half on Saturday.

This week my real goals are to stretch and hydrate.  I’ve been sore and dealing with some calf pain, so I want to do all I can to get my body to feel as good as possible going into this race.

How’s everyone feeling about upcoming races?  What’s your favorite distance?  Pre-race dinner?

Will pop in later in the week.  Enjoy!!


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