Staying positive

Good morning!!

I’ve spoken to a few people this past week about my upcoming half.  And while a few of them have never done a half, it still surprised me to hear that everyone seems to have faith in me being able to complete it.  Some people said, you can always walk.  Some people said, just do what you can.

Everyone is right.  My goal was definitely not to half-ass the half, but as I’ve said before, it is what it is, and all I can do now is deal with the bed I’ve made.

I haven’t given up though and am still trying.  🙂

I ran 3 miles on Monday at the gym.  Taught spin on Tuesday.  Yesterday I ran 4 miles outside because it was soooo nice out.  Work nearly killed me, so I left early, got home and changed, took the dog out, and then hit the road.

It felt good.  Maybe it was because I was so stressed/frustrated with work, or maybe it was just being outside in nice weather, but it did feel good (after the first mile which wasn’t the best).

The route I did was sort of an out and back.  I’ve run these roads before but never as an out and back like this.    Because I still felt good at 3.3, I decided to go for 4 which made it a slightly stranger route, but left me with about a .2 walk home, which was a nice cool down.

4 miles

While I don’t use MapMyRun while running, I do like it as a tool for looking at my run afterwards, especially the elevation aspect.

The image above shows the elevation in terms of grade, which is especially interesting to me as i’ve started to use the incline function on the treadmill at the gym.

The steepest part of the run yesterday was a 3%, which is pretty much inline with what i’ve done on the treadmill (3% or 4% max).  The longest stretch of hill yesterday was a little over 1/2 mile.  While it wasn’t awesome, it overall wasn’t as bad as it’s been (i’ve had to stop and walk part of this hill in the past).  So i’m a little encouraged by the fact that I felt pretty good.

Tonight I’m planning 5 outside again.  No running tomorrow, and then a total of 8 on Saturday (5 in the morning and then a 5K).  I feel like if I can do 8 I can eek out an extra 5 the following week.  Right??

So that’s my running world.

In other blog stuff, I’ve decided to get back to product reviews, like I had done in the past.  Anything from gels/fuels to snacks to meals.  I love trying new products and hope that me sharing my opinion adds a little bit of value to this blog.  Guess we’ll see.

To end with a not-so healthy recipe, here’s a shot of the s’mores brownies I made a few weeks ago.


This was one of those facebook video recipes and it was really easy.  Put a layer of graham crackers on the bottom of the pan then pour prepared brownie mix over them.  Cover with marshmallows and sprinkle with chocolate chips.  Then bake.  That’s it!

For some reason it didn’t cook evenly which meant that some pieces were fully cooked but others were still gooey, which everyone seemed to love, so i’d say it’s a win (even not fully cooked).  Personally I loved the texture of the marshmallows!

Have a great day!!



2 thoughts on “Staying positive

  1. not to ditto on everyone else, but ditto…you will be fine 🙂 walk if you want to walk! You know there’s that run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute option that many people love! and yet another reason why its hard to do distance races in March…October is so much better 🙂
    love you!

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