I suck

Kind of a strong subject line, but that’s OK.  I kinda do right now…at least when it comes to running.

My motivation is non-existent.  I don’t want to run, I don’t want to cycle.  I want to sleep in and be lazy.  Great.  Especially great since my half is 3 weeks away.  Nice.

I’ve spent some time trying to figure out why my motivation is so bad.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts.  Maybe I really don’t like running.  Maybe it’s the weather.  I don’t know.  I think I like running, but if I really liked it, wouldn’t I want to do it all the time?  It’s winter which is tougher, but if it were warm out, would I be raring to go?  It was warm this weekend and I still didn’t want to run.  Am I forcing something?  Getting up early on the weekends (and weekdays) is harder than it’s ever been, so I’m trying to figure out why that is as well.  Ugh.


But I do know that it’s not worth totally beating myself up over.  That’s not my style.  I’m stubborn as anything and I do what I want because I want to and I deal with the consequences.  If that means I have the worst ever half, then I will deal with it and hopefully learn from it.

OK, got that off my chest.  My plan is to try to pick up the pieces starting tonight.  Nothing crazy, but hopefully 3-5 miles on the treadmill can happen almost every day.  Fingers crossed!

And so we’re at another Monday.  Yesterday I commented that I thought it was Saturday and when I was told it was Sunday I was sooooo upset.  That’s the worst.

It was a good weekend though.


Is anyone out there into essential oils?  I actually learned a bit about them when I was in St. Thomas over Christmas.  Friday night I went to an essential oils “class” where people made a bunch of different products using essential oils and other natural stuff.  One of the things they made was an all-natural alternative to Vicks Vaporub.  I was just a spectator since I haven’t officially bought in to the whole thing, but it was interesting…and social. 🙂


I had to go to the library to pick up my book club book:  The Invention of Wings.  While there I also picked up the Skinnytaste Cookbook since the chicken marsala was quite good.

My other half was gifted a cheese making kit for his birthday.  We had dinner plans at a friend’s house so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make homemade mozzarella.  Let’s just say we tried.  We didn’t get any curd 😦  (little miss muffet would not have been happy).  In hindsight it may be due to the Lactaid milk that we used, but who knows.  So he ran off to an italian shop and bought the curds, which is essentially half of the work.  So we still kind of made cheese to bring.  But it took a looooong time!


Last week we got this great idea that I should make french macarons.  I like to bake and am always up for a challenge (as long as a candy thermometer isn’t involved).  It didn’t work out last week, but I had some extra time on Sunday (while the other half made a BBQ feast).

Here are some photos:

They look (kind of) like macarons, so that’s good.  But boy were they a huge pain in the butt.  Mix, let sit, pipe, let sit.  A lot of sitting.

If you’re curious, this is the recipe I used.  It had lots of helpful hints, but in the end the dough was REALLY sweet, which made it hard to find a filling that wasn’t also too sweet.  After a bunch of trial and error I went with PB&J, which helped buffer the sweetness.

The verdict?  I will probably never make these again.  🙂

They’re not easy and very finicky, but to me they didn’t taste good enough to warrant the time and effort.  Oh well, I tried.

That was the bulk of my weekend.  Ending with a shot of my favorite mush.  Thanks to the warmer weather she finally got some much needed exercise.


Questions for you…

How do you deal with a lack of motivation?

Do you use essential oils?  How?

Are you in a book club?  Do you like to read?  Favorite book?

Macaron fan?


2 thoughts on “I suck

  1. Im always intrigued when it comes to essential oils. I sat in on a demo a few years back and almost bought the starter kit. Right now I have peppermint and eucalyptus.

    My motivation often stems from the fact if I’m not running then I might be eating. Nuff said about that!! Lol

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