Loving Friday (as usual)

It’s been a quiet blogging week for me.  Stuff’s just been busy.  It happens.

Here’s what I’m loving this week.


I had the day off on Wednesday.  Because…

Yes, we went to see Live with Kelly and Michael.  This is clearly a perk of living in the NYC area.

A few years ago I miraculously got tickets, but couldn’t go.  At that time you had to essentially enter into a lottery and then they’d randomly mail you tickets.  Unfortunately they’d do that about a week in advance of the show.  I was new at my job then and couldn’t just take a day off, so we never went.  (I even got tickets to the Halloween show, arg!)  Now the process is better and you actually have some control.

I went with my mother and sister and we got there at 7:15 as they instructed and headed to the way back of the line.  We ended up waiting outside for about an hour and fifteen minutes and couldn’t feel our feet by the time we went inside.  We ended up with lousy seats but still had a great time and plan to go back.

From there we hit up another favorite spot…


Levain Bakery.  Yummm!  If you’ve never heard of them, google them.  While they are a full bakery, I say just go for the cookies.  Do it!  Yes, they are $4 a piece, but it’s worth it.  If you get them, try to wait to eat them until you’re home and then zap them in the micro for 30 seconds.  You can thank me later.  🙂

Then we went to lunch at Jacob’s Pickles, another great spot.  We of course started with some pickles.


Pickled carrots, green beans, tomatoes, and dills.  I’m not a huge pickle person, but they were good.  I really don’t like carrots, but I figured I’d try them pickled and hope for the best.  Unfortunately I still don’t like carrots.  🙂

I had the Honey Chicken and Pickles sandwich, on a biscuit (of course) and served with (incredibly) cheesy grits.  I tried to take a picture of this sandwich but it was so massive it just didn’t work.  It was. SO. GOOD.  So unhealthy and delicious!!

From there we headed towards Central Park to do some walking and then finished out the day.  By that point I had started to feel my 4am wakeup.  (Alarm was set for 4:45 but my most favorite dog needed the bathroom at 4.  Thanks Minnie!)

Music I’m Enjoying

Joey Alexander – He’s a jazz musician at the whopping age of 12.  He was featured on 60 Minutes a few months ago and then performed at the Grammy’s on Monday.  I like to listen to jazz at work and he’s been my go-to ever since learning of him.

Cake By the Ocean by DNCE – This is a weird one for me.  I like this song but part of me doesn’t like that I like it.  I debuted it in a spin class on Tuesday and actually thought that it worked really well for class.  It reminds me of the Scissor Sisters for some reason.  Going to check out the rest of the album.

Sugar by Robin Schulz – I love the original of this song and am totally feeling this version.  It makes me happy and makes me want to dance (or bop).


Healthy Chicken Marsala – I was tasked with dinner yesterday and was told I should find a healthy chicken marsala recipe.  Found this recipe on the interwebs and while we did tweak it a bit, it was quite good as is.  It’s from a cookbook called The Skinny Taste Cookbook which I’m going to check out.

So that’s about it here.  I got an email that the half-marathon is one month away.  Yikes!  I’m nervous but i’ve also changed how i’m mentally approaching the half.  Originally my plan was to train hard and have a great race.  Given the health issues I’ve been dealing with, I’m now considering it more of a training run.  If it goes well, great, if not, it’s just to prepare me for the Fairfield Half, which is in late June (and I need to sign up for).

Have a lovely weekend!

Any songs you’re currently loving?  

Have you ever been to a live or pre-recorded TV taping?  Not proud of these, but I’ve also been to Springer and the Steve Wilkos show, as well as the Daily Show when Jon Stewart was hosting.


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