I’m allergic to winter

It’s official.  The winter makes me sick.  Actually sick.

After my two week cold/cough, I was happy to be feeling better and had a whole 2 weeks of that.  Hooray.


Then my throat started to hurt a bit in the mornings and at night.  Then on Super Bowl Sunday it stuck around all day.

Monday at work I thought I felt a cold coming on.  When I couldn’t stop sneezing on the drive home I decided to stop and pick up some meds.  I was going to fight this cold and if I couldn’t win, at least I could medicate and hide the symptoms.

Monday night I popped some sudafed and took some Nyquil and was looking forward to my night of lovely medicated sleep.  Unfortunately my body had other plans.  Enter the dreaded stomach bug.

While definitely not the norovirus that I had read about on another blog, it was still about 8 hours of miserable-ness.  Too many trips to the bathroom and no sleep what so ever.


The next morning work was definitely not in the cards, so I took a sick day and spent most of the day resting and hoping that I wouldn’t get sick again.

The worst part was the fact that EVERYTHING hurt.  I managed to pull almost every muscle in my body.  Just walking the dog was miserable.  Ugh.

I had cancelled my spin class first thing in the morning.  I ended up not getting sick through the day, but my diet of sips of water and four crackers definitely wasn’t going to fuel me through a class…or much of anything for that matter.

But, I’m happy to say that aside from being completely sore, I’m better.  Still dealing with a cough/cold, but compared to the stomach bug, it’s incredibly manageable.

I’m going to take one more day to rest and then hope to get back to running tomorrow.  5 hill repeats.  Woohoo!!

Take care of yourself.  Germs are out there and they suck.

I truly consider myself a healthy person with the exception of my January/February sickness.  Ugh.


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