More snow Monday

I suppose I (we) shouldn’t complain about the weather since it has been a mild winter, but i’m not a fan of snow, and that’s pretty much all that’s in the forecast for this week.  Yuck!

I was actually somewhat pleasantly surprised to see that schools were open this morning, although I’ve since learned that they will have an early dismissal.  When I was a child all I ever wanted was a snow day and they were RARE.  Now it seems that even one flake results in a snow day.  Guess the children of the future will not be as well as educated as me and my peers. 🙂

How was the weekend?

Weekend here was good.  Sometimes I like doing a recap on here because otherwise I feel like I actually forget what I did.

I’m pretty sure I legitimately did nothing on Friday night, which is usually the case.  I planned to be up early for my group run, so it was early-ish to bed.

Saturday was supposed to be my group run, but when I woke up at 6:30 and it was 19 degrees I was concerned about ice and decided to push it to Sunday when it should be a little warmer.  My legs were also quite sore from Thursdays speed workout.  I attempted to go back to bed but really just rested.  I had a 11:30 chiropractor appointment and then a visit and lunch with a friend.  After that I had a little downtime and then spent some time with another friend to discuss a business idea (not mine).

We ended up renting Bridge of Spies on Saturday and keeping it low key since running was on the agenda for Sunday  morning.  In true Jessica fashion, I didn’t make it through the whole movie.

Sunday.  9 big miles on the schedule.  We got going a little later than planned (thank you Minnie for the 5a bathroom wakeup call).  It was tough.

Not even a mile in I was having shin pain.  I got to the top of a hill and on the downhill the shin pain was so bad on impact that I had to stop and stretch.  I then started again but unfortunately this happened a few times over the first 2-3 miles.  It sucked because it hurt but also because I haven’t had an issue like this in AGES.

Thankfully once I got past mile 3, the pain subsided enough to make running tolerable.  Still wasn’t feeling my best, but at least I was able to continue.  Once we made it to mile 4 I knew everything would be OK and I actually started to feel much better, even picking up my pace a bit.

Unfortunately my other half was struggling a bit so he needed to take a few more walking breaks and like the always supportive girlfriend I am (a little sarcasm there) I stopped and walked with him.  At that point it definitely wasn’t about pace, but just finishing.  Which we did!  And thanks to lousy planning, we finished at least a mile away from home, so we had a nice walk ahead of us.

After that my day became a bit of a sitcom. I showered and had something to eat but needed to go to the supermarket.  Do not go to the supermarket on super bowl Sunday if possible.  Avoid it.  Which I didn’t do.

I pull into the parking lot and it’s a zoo but I manage a decent parking spot.  I’m sitting in the car on the phone with my mother and the spot next to me becomes available.  So there’s a vacant spot and then the metal structure that holds the carts after you use them.  This car starts to pull into the spot, get’s about half way in and just stops, for several minutes.  So i’m intrigued.  I turn and see that it is a rather ancient couple driving a mid-sized SUV.  From intrigued I become concerned.  The woman is driving and she finally resumes her parking job by driving directly in to the metal cart structure.  She’s not phased and just keeps going, eventually getting into the spot.  Nice.

I look over and see the man in the passenger seat and know that there is no way he’s getting out of the car gently.  I guess he sees me at the same time and says something to his wife/lady friend, so now she’s backing up again.  She moves closer to the metal cart holder and parks.

He gets out of the car and throws his door into my car.  So I essentially hang up on my mom and fly out of my car.  I’m pissed of course, so I’m trying to explain to this man what happened and he can’t even speak.  Seriously, he’s attempting to mumble at me and touch me but he has no clue what’s going on.  He might not have even known he was in a parking lot.  Lady friend is no where to be found.  THANKFULLY and by some miracle, there’s no damage to my car.  But I can’t leave my car here because if they finish shopping first, it’s going to happen again.  So I move my car.

I go inside and do my shopping.  Get on the self-checkout line and go to pay and my card is declined.  What?  I know there’s money in the account.  I ask the cashier if he can cancel my sale and i’ll move my stuff aside while I call the bank.  As i’m calling the bank I realize that I grabbed my old ATM card (that hasn’t been active since November).  Ugh!  I ask the cashier to hold my stuff promising that i’ll be right back.  So now I have to go home.

A few other frustrating things happened during that whole experience, but that’s the highlight.  It was one of those days where I just thought I should go back to bed and start over again.  Thankfully once I went back and grabbed my groceries the rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

I managed to finish watching Bridge of Spies just before heading out to watch the game.  Verdict is that I liked the story but expected more from the movie given all the hype it got.

I made this corn casserole for the superbowl party which was so tasty (I was craving corn).  I didn’t win any money in any pools, but got to catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a bit, so it was nice.

And then the weekend was over 😦

So thank you for reading my book.  Sorry it was so wordy, I just needed to get everything out.

Here’s the tentative plan for the week:
Monday – easy run on the treadmill (this will depend on the weather and the fact that I seem to have a cough…again)
Tuesday – Spin
Wednesday – TBD
Thursdsay – Hill repeats
Friday – REST
Saturday – 10 miles (yikes!)

Holy crap, the half is in 6 weeks.

Have you seen Bridge of Spies?  What did you think?  Any other movies that are getting nominations?
I read the book Room but am hearing good things about the movie, although I have no interest in seeing it.


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