Flakey Friday!

Flake as in snowflakes.  Yup, it’s snowing here!  Right now I’d say maybe 5 inches or so, but who the heck knows.

But, it’s Friday, so I’m dealing with it.  Yay Friday!!  I think once again I’ll go with the things I’m loving theme, but first a recap from yesterdays run.

Last night had 5 miles on the schedule with Mile Repeats as the drill.  I missed the last Mile Repeats night because it was the bf’s bday so I did my own version on the treadmill, so this was my first one with the group.

The plan was 4 one mile repeats ideally at 5K pace.  I’m still learning what all my paces are, so I fudged it a bit and went with a pace that got me out of my comfort zone quite a bit.

So we left the store and jogged to the park, which was approximately 3/4-1 mile.  Once there we had to do two loops (1 mile) and then we got a five minute rest between each mile.  There was a new person to the group and she and I were really similar with pace, so it was nice to have someone to run with.

My pace was right around 9:25 for most of them which is a minute faster than my target half pace.  It was tough, but boy did it feel good when it was done.  It was also cold and windy and started to rain while we were running.  I felt hardcore.

One we were done we jogged back, again about 3/4 of a mile, so the total run came in to somewhere around 5.5 or 6 miles, which is quite a bit.

But, i’ll say it again.  I really love running with this group!!

So now…Friday faves…



Today is her 4 year adopt-iversary (or gotcha day).  I would be lost without this dog.  I love her more than words can imagine.

These pants


I bought them during one of my Athleta sale binges.  Because they’re not technically winter pants, I was excited to bust them out yesterday in the milder weather.  I rocked a bright orange hoodie.  I was colorful!

This slaw mix


Trader Joe’s is one of the few stores where if I sample something and like it, the odds are pretty good that I’ll buy it.  This is quick and easy and while not the healthiest, you could do so much worse.

This necklace


I have the one on the left and LOVE it!  Check it out here.

Superbowl Pools

super bowl pool

They definitely make the game more interesting.  I hope I win something!!

So that’s about it here.

What are you loving?
What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s product?  Or are you a hater?


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