A conversation between my brain and my stomach

My long run on Saturday seriously kicked my butt and I was still sore/uncomfortable days later.  I didn’t run on Monday (but should have), taught on Tuesday, so I just had to run on Wednesday.

We had a lunch meeting on Wednesday.  We just completely an involved ERP implementation and the computer company we worked with wanted to buy everyone lunch.  So nice!

Here’s a bit of what happened prior to, during, and after the lunch.


Stomach:  I’m hungry!!!!!!
Brain:  Lunch is being provided so it’s free, which is great, but it will probably also be something I shouldn’t eat.
Stomach:  I’m hungry!!!
Brain:  Let’s see what they brought in.  Hmm…pasta, veal parm (ewww), salad, and a chicken scarpariello type dish with lots of peppers.
Stomach:  Everything but the veal sounds DELISH!
Brain:  Jess, you know that salad will upset your stomach, as will peppers.
Stomach:  But i’m hungry
Brain:  Maybe since I’m eating earlier, my stomach will have more time to digest and everything will be OK.  Yes, that is definitely right.

So I helped myself to some salad, chicken, and pasta.

Stomach:  Yum, I love food.
Brain:  Chicken is spicy but tasty, might regret this.
Stomach:  get seconds
Brain:  eat a roll, a plain carb might help, and pasta is good before a run, although this is covered in a sauce that is probably REALLY bad for me
Stomach:  yum

Post lunch I was full and feeling lethargic (big surprise).

Fast forward about 5 hours and I’m at the gym.

Stomach:  glug glug glug, burp, gurgle
Brain:  I shouldn’t have eaten that lunch
Stomach:  shooting pain, up for tasting lunch again?
Brain:  Maybe you should have listened to your BRAIN

Moral of the story, don’t eat what you know you shouldn’t eat.  Sounds simple enough, right?

I had planned on doing between 3 and 5 miles.  I ended up doing 4, but did it in two sets of 2.  The first two were the worst.  My stomach was hating me and my legs weren’t such fans of me either.

I took a pee break in between and when I resumed for the last two my stomach felt a bit better and they were easier.

The whole time though, I was SWEATING.  Perhaps it was my body trying to rid itself of the Italian food toxins?

Lesson learned.  Again.

I still struggle with end of day runs because I need to think about what I eat all day.  Since I haven’t yet figured out what will leave my stomach issue free, I continue to experiment.

Any else have similar issues and have any food suggestions?


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