WDTWG? (where did the weekend go?)

Oh weekends, why do you always seem so quick?  Is it because I look forward to you all week?  Probably.  I should start to look forward to the work week and dread the weekends.  🙂

Happy Monday!!!!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

My weekend was good.  Nothing too crazy, but there were a few things of note…

8 Miles

Bright and early on Saturday I headed out with my running group for 8 miles.  It wasn’t my best, but I did it.  It was cold (in the high 20s I think) and so I bundled.  Perhaps I bundled a bit too much as I had trouble bending my arms and dealt with bicep pain for the first half.  I’m weird, I know.  Thankfully the store had set up a water stop around mile 4.5 so I was able to leave my outermost layer with someone who brought it back to the store.  So thankful!

I ate about 5 sport beans prior to the run and then had one Gu chew around mile 4.5.  For some reason I’m feeling really averse to fuels.  Next week I’m going to give Honey Stingers Gold a try (and still sport beans before hand).


I finally caved and bought some good socks.  Or rather I was told that these socks are good.

Who has used Balega socks?


I bought four pairs, 3 for me, and one for my other half (who would have stolen my socks anyway).  One pair is a warmer pair and for winter running. While I didn’t run in them yet, I did try them on in the store and boy did they feel good!

Orange Theory Fitness


An OTF is opening in my town in March (hopefully) and they’ve been having their pre-sell for memberships.  OTF is not cheap, so I was really curious about how it would be priced.

Well, it seems manageable so I went ahead and signed up.  I can’t wait to give it a try.

Anyone an OTF member?

No more coughing!

I was definitely still coughing on Saturday, but I’m excited to say that Sunday was pretty close to cough-free and I actually slept through the night.  Hooray!  It only took two weeks!


So overall it was a very nice weekend.  I’m quite sore still and wondering if it was the fact that I took a nice jump from 6 to 8 miles or if it really is finally time to change my shoes and inserts.  (or both)  I have a new pair of sneakers ready, I’ve just been putting it off, trying to get as much wear from my current pair as possible.

On that note I did see that Saucony now has the Triumph ISO 2, which means I should try to stock up on my Triumph ISOs before they discontinue them all together (if they haven’t already).

Hopefully this week is a full on running and workout week.  My Thursday group run is mile repeats and then on Saturday we tackle 9 miles.  Yikes!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


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