Getting back at it

Happy hump day!

Back to work yesterday and I felt pretty good for most of the day.

My Tuesday night class is at a corporate gym and I’m thankfully able to take advantage of their facilities as well.  I can’t even imagine if my company had a gym. I think seeing coworkers working out would take some getting used to.  But that said, this gym is a really nice size and it’s free to employees, so it is a nice perk.

Anyway, I got there a bit early and decided to run a little.  I got in 1.5 miles due to time constraints and felt OK.  Not great, but not bad.

I taught class and it was good.  I did feel a bit tired and had to stop and blow my nose too many times (with a paper towel, OUCH!).  But I worked through the class mainly without issue.

Post class I was coughing occasionally.  By the time I got home and ate dinner, I was pretty much coughing non stop.  Again.  I figured tea would do the trick, so I made some chamomile with honey.  That didn’t work.  I drank hot water, still no luck.  I took my prescription cough syrup, no luck.  I finally popped some cough drops, which made it bearable, but still not ideal.

I went to bed sitting up, once again.  I finally dozed a bit after midnight and got about 3-4 solid hours before waking up.  I didn’t dare take a deep breath at this time for fear of starting to cough again.  Thankfully I fell back to sleep somewhere around 4:45 right through to 6:30.  Thankfully.

So what is going on with this friggin’ cough?  I’m thinking maybe the exercise made it worse, but I’m not sure.

That said, I’m still planning to go to the gym and attempt to run 3-4 miles tonight.  Fingers crossed!

In other news, I registered for the BAA 5K.  I’ve heard it’s an awesome race to run and i’ll be in the area to spectate the marathon anyway.  I haven’t received confirmation, but registration opened at 10a and I had my confirmation email by 10:03, so I’m thinking I should be OK.  Will keep you posted.

Hope everyone is having a good (and healthy) day.  Any suggestions on battling a cough?


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