I’m a little nervous

My half is in 52 days.

I am sooooo behind in my training.  Thanks to this lovely chest cold (that I still have) I’ve done no running in over a week.

I knew the snow would be an issue and had figured I’d do a long run indoors on Sunday.  Too bad on Sunday I still couldn’t breathe.

I had every intention of hitting it hard yesterday and running my heart out (kind of), but then Sunday night I had a particularly violent coughing fit for the majority of the night and didn’t sleep at all.  That resulted in me taking a sick day, going to the doctor, and napping a lot.  Figured running wasn’t the best option.

That said, I think I might finally be feeling better.  While I didn’t sleep well last night (I blame the naps) I wasn’t up coughing all night, so I consider that a win.  Fingers are soooo crossed!

That said, my plan is to start running, and running a fair amount.  But i’m nervous because I was behind in my training to start.

I have 7 weeks.  Can I be ready to run a half marathon in 7 weeks?  I.Don’t.Know.

Keep in mind that I’m still a new runner.  Any thoughts/suggestions?

I’m obviously not looking to do anything spectacular in this half, but I would like to finish it (and not walk).

Have you ever been in a similar situation?

Tonight i’m teaching spin.  I may try to get a couple miles in on the treadmill before or after, but we’ll see.

I’m a little worried….


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