Friday recap

First, a confession.  I just bought a bunch of stuff at Athleta online.  It’s an extra 20% off the sale and there are some good deals.  Since their stuff is my favorite, I told myself it was OK because it was on sale.  If it’s shopping for running (aka my well being) it’s OK, right?


Now that that’s off my chest.  Phew.

It hasn’t been my best working out/training week, but it hasn’t been the worst either.

I skipped my group run yesterday because it was my other half’s birthday.  My group runs start at 6:30 so realistically by the time I get home it’s about 8.  Since we were going out to dinner, I just went to the gym and did the same workout on a treadmill.  The workout was 2 mile repeats.  Run 2 miles at a “fast but controlled pace”, recover for about 10 minutes, and do it again.  I interpreted this as a walking recovery, although maybe I was meant to jog.  Oooops!  (Just looked at my schedule, was definitely supposed to jog one mile as a recovery.)

It felt good.  For the first time, I ran almost all of it at a 6.0 or more on the treadmill.  While to most this probably doesn’t mean much, to me it’s huge.  For some reason the 6.0  mark was my unofficial sign of being a real runner.  I have no issues running at 5.5 to 5.8, but getting it up to 6, that would mean I really was a runner.  I know, all in my head, but still.  I’m proud of myself and really that’s all that matters.

I liked the 2 mile repeats because it’s long enough that I can push, but not too long to seem daunting.  I’m looking forward to more of these to see if I can get a little faster.

I was on my way home by 7, which was a big help since I still had to shower.

On the schedule this weekend is a 7 mile run.  The group run is Saturday, but here’s the forecast.


Were it not for the rain, it wouldn’t be bad….although the wind doesn’t look so great.  Plus, the birthday celebrations are continuing tonight.  I’m not much fun to begin with and i’d be even less fun knowing I had a 6:30a wake-up tomorrow, so I’m planning to push my run to Sunday.

It’s not ideal to miss the group run, but it is what it is I suppose.  As many people have been writing about lately, we can’t sacrifice everything.  I’m running because it’s a challenge that I enjoy, but it’s not my life.  So Sunday it is!

Saturday I think the plan is to go back into the city, but I need to confirm.

Ah yes, one last thing.  Has anyone read the Nightingale?  If not, read it.  I read a lot and rarely do I think a book is really good.  I thought this was really good.  Do it.


So I suppose I should work on having a productive Friday.  Cheers to Friday and have a fabulous weekend!!!!


One thought on “Friday recap

  1. Haha I just bought a sports bra from Oiselle because they’re having an extra 30% off sale items! Gets me every time. I don’t mind running in light rain, it’s the wind that kills me. Good job this week!

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