Gear makes me cheer!

I love fitness gear!  Without a doubt most of what I spend my money on is gym clothes.  Even when I wasn’t working out as regularly as I’d like, I was still a sucker for a great pair of pants or a top.

After my group run on Saturday one woman was buying a few things and she said how much she loved the color of the shirt.  She’s new to fitness overall and I told her that the best way to be excited about working out is to have gear that you love.  (While I can’t take credit for the message (I think it’s proven), she seemed so surprised and enlightened by this comment.)

So here are a few of my recent buys and my thoughts on them (when applicable).

The first two are from the gap, which seems to be having 40% off at the moment.

gap top

Reflective quarter zip pullover – I love anything reflective so of course this made me smile.  Haven’t tried it on yet (just arrived yesterday) but it looks great.

gap pants

gFast reflective fleece leggings – Once again, I love the reflectors.  Haven’t tried them on yet, but my first thought was that they seem really thin.  They feel somewhat fleecy, but not nearly as fleecy (is that a word?) as my Sugoi pants.  Will let you know.

Both of these items are currently on sale.  Score!

Here are the items I recently purchased from Victoria’s Secret when they had they’re free pants promo. (Don’t mind the screen shots, the site was blocked so I had to get creative.)


The sports bra.  Verdict?  Not a fan.  I almost had to dislocate my shoulder to get it on and then I just didn’t care for the way it fit.  I may try to sell it. 😉


I bought this pattern, but not this pant.  I bought the Knockout capri, but it seems like it’s sold out, so I couldn’t grab a photo.  I think I like the pants.  They have small VS logos on them (that are reflective).  I’m not crazy about that, but I like the bright/bold color.  They may run a little big, but I think they’ll still be good for non running workouts.

Since I got both for $43, I think it may still be worth keeping, since I’d have to return both or pay $70 for just the pants.  Ugh!

And lastly, since I’m running outside at night, I needed some illumination.  These are due to be delivered later today and I’m kind of excited about adding some colored light to my outfits. 🙂

(sorry if these photos are showing up twice, i’m having blog issues)

For this one, i went with the collage version.  I bought two green arm bands and blue light up things for my sneakers.  I’m going to be a green and blue rainbow!!  Can’t wait to try them out tomorrow for my 2-mile repeats!

Any recent buys you’d like to share?  Any good deals out there?


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