Weekend recap

And the weekend is over 😦

Why do they always seem so short?  I don’t think that a Monday has ever come where I’ve said that the weekend felt too long.  Hmmm.

It was a good weekend.

Friday night I got stuck in the office late, so my plan of going to the gym didn’t work out.  The only upside of being in the office late on a Friday is that traffic is MUCH better.  And at least it was a Friday in the winter, not the summer.

Saturday was my long run with the group.  I showed up to the store at about 7:50 (run started at 8).  There were a bunch of people there, but nothing crazy.  As it got closer to 8 the group got bigger and bigger.  In talking to someone I learned that there are two Saturday morning groups; the half-training group and a group called the Winter Warriors.  There must have been at least 30 people in the store at 8am.  It was very cool.

They went out on a 3-4 mile and we headed out for our 6.  The goal of this run was just distance, not speed.  I wasn’t too familiar with the route, so I had a printout with me for reference.  It’s kind of nice when someone else plans the route out for you.


As soon as I started running (at the back of the pack because I wasn’t ready), I realized I didn’t have my neck warmer.  Sh*t!!!  I briefly thought about turning around and going back, but talked myself out of it.  It wasn’t terribly cold, so I was just going to have to deal with it.

It started out with a pretty significant hill, during which I had to stop because I lost my sock.  Duh.  So I stopped and pulled up my sock and then continued.  In doing so I had fallen behind a few people, but ended up catching up to them relatively easily.

I started just ahead of a group of girls and ended up catching up to a slow group of 3 guys (the leader and two others).  While I didn’t officially run with anyone, I spent the majority of the run near one particular guy (till he picked up his pace around mile 4/4.5).  I ran the last mile with another guy as we bonded when we weren’t sure where to turn.

I’m definitely used to running solo or with one other person, so part of the appeal of the group is to have other people around.  Not necesssarily to chat with them, but to either use them for motivation or just for the peace of mind knowing that other people are there.

Right now my pace is slower than most and a little faster than others, which doesn’t leave me naturally running with anyone.  I’m hoping that I’ll improve a bit and then maybe have others to run with, since i’d rather not slow down my pace just for company.

What would you do?  Run solo (with people in front and behind) or adjust your pace to have someone to run with?

After the run a bunch of people went out for coffee, but I had to get home because I had a date in NYC with my family.  Of course we were running behind, but we got into the city in time for a small brunch and then headed out to a museum.


It was a nice activity (and they had a groupon!).  They actually had a NYC Marathon exhibit which was pretty neat.  We were with two of my sister’s friends (also marathoners) and one asked me if the exhibit made me want to run a marathon.  I told him maybe.  The interest might be there, but the drive absolutely is not.  Maybe one day.  Maybe not. 🙂

From there we walked around a bit.  Went into Jackrabbit sports where my sister bought me a running hat with a pontytail opening. (she still has it, I forgot to take it home, duh!)  I had to return something to Athleta, and then we went to an Argentinian/Italian restaurant.  While the menu was a bit meat heavy for me, the empanadas and garlic shrimp were SO GOOD!  I ate like I hadn’t eaten in ages.  Oops.

Sunday I had a spinning audition at a facility tied to a local hospital.  The audition went well and I’ll start out on their sub list until an opening becomes available.  I happened to run into one of my old members there who told the woman I was with that he’d serve as a reference and that I was a wonderful instructor.  So sweet.

The weather was disgusting, so after the audition my motivation disappeared.  I did some cleaning at home and even took a little snooze on the couch (which I never do).  It was just how I wanted my Sunday to be.  And then somehow it’s Monday again.

Hoping to get 3-4 miles in on the treadmill later.  Spin tomorrow. Run on Wednesday.  Group run on Thursday (although it’s my other half’s bday, so we’ll see).  Rest or upper-body on Friday.  Long run on Saturday (again may be complicated by bday celebrations).

But that’s the rough plan.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!


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