I survived my first tempo run!

I lived to tell about it!

It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  And what’s more important is that i’m encouraged that I can improve.

The Gear

I ended up wearing my winter pants, a tank top, a loose fitting long sleeved shirt, and my 3/4 zip from Athleta.  I also had gloves, my wool neck warmer and a knit hat.  The knit hat was a last minute decision and while it probably wasn’t the best hat (just some cheap hat from old navy) it totally did the trick.  I’d say I was dressed appropriately.  Phew.

What everyone else had that I didn’t was color and light.  But I can fix that.  The running store has a bunch of reflective gear as well as clip on lights, so I’m thinking I’ll pick something up from them on Saturday.

The Run

It was a Tempo Run, which I had never done before.  I guess that loosely means a slightly uncomfortable pace.  I seem to think it’s supposed to be slower than race pace, but I need to confirm that.  Half a mile warm up, 3 mile tempo, half a mile cool down.

What’s interesting and maybe it’s because I’m a new runner, is that I have one pace.  Whether I’m running alone or with a group, 3 miles or 7 miles, or in a race, it’s all pretty much the same.  My training program last year didn’t focus on pace AT ALL.  I guess it’s time to mix that up.

I used some pace calculator that told me that my tempo run for a 3 mile distance should be around 9:30 (yeah right).  I definitely started it around 9:45 but then I burnt out a bit.  Because we had to stop for traffic lights and I didn’t stop my Garmin, i’m not sure of my actual pace, but if I had to guess, i’d say it was closer to 10.  I did however come back for the last half mile and get down to around 9:50.

Having never pushed out of my comfort zone like this, it was hard.  I’m joining the training in the 4th week, which means they’ve already done a tempo run (and have definitely been running more than me).  That said, I definitely have room to improve and am looking forward to making that change.

The Store

The store is awesome.  I haven’t been to a running shop in a while and it’s just so pretty.  All the lovely brightly colored gear and sneakers.  And all the nicely organized fuel and other snacks.  Hopefully I’m not the only one who gets excited by this sort of stuff.

It’s called Fleet Feet (which I think may be a franchise).

One of my amazing spin clients gave me a very generous $250 gift card for the holidays and I’m thinking about spending it on some running gear.  What would you buy with $250?

Random Stuff

I’m obsessed with some of the beautiful pants that Athleta puts out.  Both of these are the Chataranga style, so not necessarily for running, but soooo pretty!

And with that….have a great weekend!  Catch you next week.

6 miler on the schedule for tomorrow.  I’m a little nervous, so we’ll see how it goes.  Fingers crossed!


One thought on “I survived my first tempo run!

  1. We can be confused about the tempo together! So I try to warm-up for at least 10 minutes (which puts me a tad over a mile), then I think you’re supposed to do 3 miles at tempo pace, then mile cool down. But I was thinking the tempo is supposed to be ‘comfortably hard’ which would make it slightly harder than your desired race pace. You shouldn’t be able to speak in full sentences, but should be able to speak a few words. So since my desired race pace is 9:05-9:09/mile, I’m going to aim to run my tempo miles slightly quicker than that. This link from another blogger is helpful too! http://www.thisrunnersrecipes.com/tempo-runs-one-workout-all-runners-need/

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