Running group take 1

Before the holidays I signed up for a half marathon training program through a local running store.  Due to scheduling conflicts, I wasn’t able to make it to any of the runs…until now.

Tonight is my first run with them.  4 mile tempo run.  Outside.  At night.

I’m nervous.

I’ve never done a tempo run.  And while I have a nice little explanation that it should be “comfortably hard” i’m still such a new runner that I’m not completely confident in knowing exactly what that is.  So we’ll see.

I did email the coach about the paces of the group and he said the fastest are around a 9 minute mile with the slowest being around a 12-13.  Good answer in my opinion.  That puts me in the middle-ish, which is my preference.

I’m still not really sure what to wear in cooler weather and since I have to change at work, I had to bring all possible options.


Side note, how horrendous is my office carpet?

Inside that bag is the obvious items; my sneakers, socks, winter running pants, a neck warmer, and gloves.  But there’s also a tank top, a 3/4 zip, a jacket, a headband, and a winter hat.  Clearly it’s my top half that leaves me stumped.

Not to mention that everything is black, which is just the perfect color for a night run.


I guess the good news is what while it will be cool, it won’t be windy.

I am a warm exerciser in general.  I warm up quickly, but prior to warming up, I am COLD.  Since we’re leaving from a store, at least I will be inside prior to running, but i’m still completely unsure as to what to wear.

What would you wear for temperatures like this?

I’ll post tomorrow with an update on all of it.  Edge of your seat stuff, I know!

Happy training!

Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen it already, Victoria’s Secret has a great deal today.  Buy any full priced sports bra and get a pair of workout pants free.  I saved $69 bucks.  So with shipping and tax, I paid $44 for a sports bra and capri pants.  Score!


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