Winter running gear

I need input.

What is your favorite winter running gear?

And more importantly, what about for men?  I was tasked with finding my other half some winter running pants and I’m pretty clueless, so any suggestions are MUCH appreciated.  Bonus points if they’re reasonably priced.

Here’s what I have:

Winter tights from Sugoi.  I inherited these from my sister.  She wore them on a run and took a nasty spill, ripping them.  My mother sewed them for her, but she had a bad experience and didn’t want to wear them again.

Athleta 1/2 zip up.  I tried to find a picture of it, but failed.  It has a mesh behind the zip, so even when it’s unzipped, it’s not totally open.  It also has pouch pockets, which I love.  Although I did one run and put so much in my pockets i’m pretty sure people thought I was expecting.

Windbreaker from GapFit.  This was an awesome clearance buy last year.

Neck warmers.  I have a few because even in warmer weather I need to cover my neck/mouth.  I have a wool-ish one that’s probably the best for this weather and was also gifted a pretty Run Fast Neckwarmer from Lululemon.

Gloves.  They’re neat mittens that convert to gloves.  I think they’re by Hind, but I’m not sure.

Things I still need:
Another pair of pants
A hat, needs to cover my ears
Ear protection (probably a headband)

Anything else you think I need?

Thanks in advance for your input. 🙂


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