Weekend recap

Two day work week here!  HOORAY!!!

It was a good weekend.  I thought i’d have lots of time to do errands and be super productive, but somehow it didn’t work out like that.

Friday night we had a work happy hour.  We don’t do them frequently and they tend to coincide with my travel schedule, but for this one I was around.  While talking shop on a Friday night isn’t my idea of fun, we had a nice group and managed for the most part to talk about things that weren’t work related.  HH was at a BBQ place so my other half was happy because I of course brought him home food.  I like this BBQ place much better because it has a larger menu with more options for those who don’t eat red meat or pork.  Cheers to that!

Saturday started with a cold and windy 3 miles and then a chiro appointment. I did do some errands but wasn’t nearly as productive as I had planned.  I completely forgot that this time of year is pretty miserable in the stores.  Saturday night we went out for dinner at a local pub and ended up running into friends there, which meant having a drink with them and staying another hour or so.

Sunday started with a later 4 mile run.  Still cold and windy (although the weather forecaster said there wouldn’t be wind…liar!)  Then I got a much needed pedicure with massage.  Heaven!  Stopped by a tailgate party that One Bro was unofficially doing.  He borrowed a smaller oven.  Then more errands and then home to do more stuff there.  We went back to the noodle place for dinner but this time I had pho instead of ramen and it was delicious, and perfect for a cool night.


Because I had nicely offered to make sweet treats for the company, I still had to do that.  My saltines didn’t turn out right (I used a silpat, I’m thinking it was that), so in addition I whipped up a batch of standby Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to bed until after midnight which is unheard of for me on a Sunday (or any other day, who am I kidding).

While I’m at work today, my plan is to also sign up for a half marathon training group through a local running store.  It’s $115 for the 14 week program (although it already started so I’m late to the game).  I think it’s pretty reasonable and is a) a great way to meet people b) something to hold me accountable and c) a way to try new routes.  As I see it, it’s a win win!

Total miles run last week (Monday through Sunday) : 15 or 16
Since this was my goal, I’m happy with it.

This week will be tough since i’m going away, but I will do my best.  Probably won’t post till after the holiday, so have a happy holiday!

Catch ya on the flip side!

Another gratuitous photo of my pup.



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