TGIF for so many reasons this week!!!

Work has been nutty!  Today is my rest day.  Work happy hour after work.  Last full week of work until January!  Vacation next week.  Hoooray!

Dreaming of this.

It was a good week, it was just tiring.

This marked my first week of getting back to working out in preparation for training for the half and i’d say it was successful. Granted I still have to run both Saturday and Sunday, but the work week has been good.

I got in about 8 miles, 10 minutes on the rower, and 55 minutes of spin.  Not too shabby!  My first treadmill run felt pretty bad, my second was a bit better, and my third, while a different routine, felt OK.  Baby steps.  Over the weekend I need to run 7-10 miles total.  Game on!

Running in the evening is tough for me.  Not so much because of my energy level, but because of my stomach.  It hurts.  Every time.  I can’t seem to figure out what to eat that won’t cause me to have some sort of stomach pain when I run.  I know that I absolutely can not eat a salad before a run and also tend to stay away from my vegetables, but that doesn’t leave much.  What to eat?  Any recommendations?

I’ve improved in that i’m able to work through it, but i’d rather just not have the pain to begin with.

This weekend is pretty light on activities (thank goodness) so i’m going to try to be super productive.  I think i’m going to make these goodies to give to my coworkers.  They’re easy and quite good.

Saltine Bark


I may try to up the festive quotient by adding some sparkly sugar, but we’ll see.  I think you can also add toffee, but I may just stick with the basics.

On that sweet note, enjoy your Friday and your weekends!!


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