Tell it like it is Tuesday

I always wanted to come up with one of those clever day related topics (flashback friday, throwback thursday, what i ate wednesday…you get the idea).  Over the various iterations of this blog, I tried, but nothing stuck.

Let’s see how this concept goes.  No sugar coating and maybe just some random things on my mind.

Like this gem:


I despise leggings as pants, so this really spoke to me.  Interestingly enough I’m OK with athletic leggings, just not the basic solid ones…you know, the ones that tell the truth. 🙂

These things are un-apologetically delicious and surely not good for me.


Tell it like it is: RUNNING

I ran yesterday.  First time since Thanksgiving.  It was hard.  Running is hard.  I felt big and heavy.  That is not a good feeling.

I ran about 3+ miles with a very brief water break in between each mile.  I was slow, but I still did it.  Have to start somewhere, right?

My sister is going to be a tough coach.  As we both agreed, my last coach gave me a pretty easy, bare minimum plan, to get me to run the half.  I ran it, but I rarely worked hard, other than the distance part.  She’s going to push me harder, I can tell.

She also suggested I find a team or group to join, so I’m working on that.

I’m a little nervous, but to quote the great Kelly Clarkson….


Have a good Tuesday!  I’ve got spin tonight and I’m thinking I’ll do a hits of 2015 playlist.


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