My fitbit

Hello strangers!  I’ve been bad about posting, but I haven’t had much to say.

My plan for last week was to start running again.  That didn’t happen.  My plan for this week was to start running again and so far it hasn’t happened.  That said, I have high hopes for tomorrow morning.

You see, I’m in DC at a tradeshow and the show doesn’t start tomorrow until 10 which means I don’t have to be up at 5 to get a workout in.  Hallelujah!

So let me tell you a story about my fitbit and how it came to be.

I wasn’t really interested in the whole fitness tracker.  I mean, I have my garmin for distance/speed, but other than that I was pretty good.  I was at a tradeshow in CA (I swear I do more than go to tradeshows) and one of the exhibiting companies threw a huge party at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.  Yours truly played some serious ski-ball and I ended up actually winning the fitbit!  I’m a force.

I thought about selling it, but then figured I should give it a try.  I’ve been wearing it for about a week now and it’s interesting.

Nothing it’s told me has been a surprise.  I don’t walk enough and haven’t spent enough time being active.  Duh.

But what interested me most was the fact that it monitors your sleep.  While I used to be a real sleep rockstar, that has changed over the past few years.  While I still sleep well overall, I wake up a bunch.


So this part was the most interesting.  I believe the the blue marks tied to restlessness and then purple-ish marks are periods of being awake.  I have NO CLUE how it knows this, but it’s more information than I’ve had before, so regardless of accuracy, it’s pretty interesting.

The night I got 7 hr 42 min of sleep I was restless something like 21 times.  Crazy!

So i’m kind of enjoying the sleep thing.

As I mentioned, I’m in DC this week, so I brought the fitbit along to see how much better I’d do a) in a walking city and b) at a tradeshow.

Today wasn’t the actual tradeshow but rather a day long training, but look at how well I did!


Crazy!  Thank you Woodley Park Metro stop for all the help with the stairs!  I also hit up the mall (national mall, not shopping mall) and due to a slight miscalculation ended up getting quite the walk.  It was lovely!

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the only obligations I had here today were getting to dinner to meet a friend.

Tomorrow’s the trade show expo and i’m quite curious to see how far I work.

So my verdict on the fitbit…it’s interesting.  Would I have bought one myself?  No.  But, i’m enjoying the information.

Do you have one?  Do you want one?  Thoughts?



2 thoughts on “My fitbit

    1. DC was last week and it was wonderful (of course). Such a great city!!
      Overall I’m liking the fitbit, which was a surprise…although I’m not sure i’d dish out $130 for one…but I can be a little frugal. 🙂

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