Post Half Training Thoughts

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been pretty quiet because I’ve been getting things together and trying to figure out what my next goal is.  I haven’t figured it out yet, but am getting ready to get back in to the swing of things, since aside from a 2+ mile, I haven’t done any running since the half.

The mission of the half started last December when a contest was posted and the winner would receive free entry and free training with a running coach.  Obviously I won.

I was really excited about having a coach and had visions of us running together, him analyzing my gait and giving me suggestions on how to be a better/faster/longer runner.  I expected weeks where the focus was hills, or speed, or distance.  I figured we’d talk at least once a week to see how things were going, maybe even meet up once a week.

My actual experience

Things started out well.  His first email had a schedule and an explanation of the process.  I officially started training at the beginning of April.  The first schedule was 4 weeks, so I would get a new schedule about every 4 weeks.

I would occasionally email him questions about pain I was experiencing, or asking about specific exercises.  I’d get an answer from him, but they were usually kept pretty brief.

In late April he mentioned that maybe the three of us (me, him, and the other contest winner) would get together for an easy run in May.  That never happened.

Weeks 14-18 or so had what he called “strides” in them.  Picking up the pace for 1/4 mile 3 or 4 times during a 3 mile run.  There was some of the diversity I was looking for, but really that was it.

So what I really got was an emailed schedule with very little communication.  As the race got closer I again mentioned meeting up and he again mentioned going for an easy run together.  Never happened.

I gave it one last go a few days before the race and he suggested we meet up the morning of the race for a photo.  What actually happened was that I got a 15 second introduction to him as he was running off to do something.  (He was the race organizer so I completely get that he was busy, but then why suggest meeting up that morning?)

I didn’t contact him after the race because I felt it was on him.  Eventually he got in touch and this was the email chain.



email 3


He’s a coach.  It’s his business.  I was the perfect opportunity to either use him as a coach in the future or tell people about how wonderful he was.   I think he really blew it!

My sister the amazing runner is also a certified running coach and she was appalled by how he handled everything.  I guess i’m still pretty put off by it too.

Thing is, I want to keep running and would even consider joining a group/team and/or working with a coach.  It will definitely not be him.

Have you worked with a coach?  What are/were your expectations?  Were you pleased?


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