Race recap

No official race photos yet, but I do have a few I can share.  🙂

Let’s see, i’m not even sure where to start.  I think part of me is still in awe that I ran 13 miles…and would do it again.

So to answer that question, yes, I would definitely do another.  My sis suggested I make my next one a big one, so we’ll see.  While this one was great, it was still pretty small (about 1,000 runners).  She thinks the energy of a larger race will help me push through and stay motivated.

The morning of, I decided that I didn’t want to eat anything in advance.  After reading a blog post about “fasted running” and realizing it was actually a thing, I thought maybe I should just stick with it (since I had been doing it without knowing).  I ate a pack of Extreme Sport Beans about 30 minutes before the start and that worked well.  I took a Clif fuel around mile 10 but may not have had enough water with it.

That aside, here are my post race thoughts.

The good

  • I felt good.  My legs/shins/knees felt fine.
  • The weather.  Around 50 degrees, so perfect for running.
  • My outfit.  I went with the green pants (of course), a black shirt, a green hat, and a Buff that had lots of color.
  • The support.  My family (mom, dad, sister, sister’s boyfriend) and two close friends came to cheer us on.  This was the best part.
  • The atmosphere overall.  This was a big thing for our town and I loved the energy before the start and after the finish.
  • I loved being a part of this half group.  So cool!

The not so good

  • Traffic.  Unfortunately the route wasn’t as closed to traffic as I had hoped.  (you’ll actually see a car in the background of one of the photos)  I was really looking forward to running in the road.  While some roads were closed, quite a bit were not.  From mile 8 or so to 10+ we were on roads that were totally open to traffic and running on the sidewalk.  I didn’t love that.  Some people had big issues with cars not wanting to stop for them.  Thankfully I didn’t experience any issues, but it was still less than ideal.
  • Water.  I swear that the first route map showed water stops every mile.  As a result, I didn’t wear my belt (with my water bottles).  It turned out that water was very 2+ miles and there were definitely times where I needed it and it wasn’t there.  Lesson learned.
  • Not water at the hydration stop.  One time I grabbed the sports-drink instead of the water, thinking it would be similar to gatorade.  Unfortunately it was the chalky tums-like stuff that I had tried a few weeks/months earlier and hated.  I took a few sips because I needed something and didn’t want to go back for water.  I could barely get it down so I tossed it.  Yuck.
  • My stomach.  I blame the above mentioned drink, but it may have also just been due to pushing a bit harder.  I ended up quite nauseous during mile 11 and walked more than I wanted.  The choice was puke or walk. I  chose to walk.  I think I still stand by that decision.  After crossing the finish I actually walked to the water because I thought I was going to be sick (which I wasn’t).
  • The race size.  Because it was a smaller group, there was a good amount of solo running.  From mile 8 to the finish, there were people around me but not many.  Mile 13 was really spaced out.  I guess this is back to my what my sister said about the crowd really helping.

Nothing about the day was really bad and overall I had a great time and was happy with everything.

Post-race they had free beer and I figured that once I was done I’d want nothing more than a beer.  In actuality I wanted nothing to do with beer…or food.  I had some water and forced myself to eat some banana (it took me about an hour to eat 1/3 of a banana).

And now, here are some photos.

IMG_0776 IMG_0790 IMG_20151017_100440 IMG_20151017_113108 2 3


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