Lots and lots of race day thoughts

My head is buzzing!

When the SONO Half posted on Facebook today that we are only 4 days away from the race, I kind of freaked out a bit.  It’s crazy!


Seeing as this is only my 4th official race, i’m definitely not one of those people who knows all the ins and outs of a race.  I’m probably the exact opposite and as it’s getting closer, I have so many thoughts/questions buzzing through my head.

So….I figured I’d write them down here.  Not because I expect answers, but maybe by writing them down and organizing them, i’ll feel a bit better.

  • Bathroom bathroom bathroom – my plan is to get up early on Saturday to give my system time to do it’s thing.  That said, on Sunday I did the same and still ended up having to take a pee break at McDonalds.  I’d prefer not to stop, so i’m wondering just how much I should let myself drink prior to the race.  (Not to mention I’ve heard horror stories about race porta-potties.)
  • My outfit – I think i’m pretty much good with this.  As of now my plan is my green pants, black shirt, and a hat (either green or pink).  If of course I find a cute shirt between now and then, the top half could easily change.
  • Do I wear my belt? – During my long runs I have a belt that I wear, which allows me to carry water, fuel, my phone, and a key.  Since the race has a bag check and water every mile, I’m thinking I probably don’t need my belt.  A plus is that my pants have easy access pockets, so I can throw fuel in there.  I’m thinking I’ll go belt-less.
  • Compression socks – After hearing how wonderful they are, I bought a pair and ran with them on Sunday.  Personally I felt like they made it harder and my legs didn’t necessarily feel any different (better) after the run.  I had thought about running in them, but I think i’m going to pass.  Maybe another time.
  • Pre-race dinner – It’s pathetic how much time I am spending on this topic.  It’s only 13 miles!  🙂  My preferred meal has been sushi.  Strange, I know.  The last thing I want is Italian food and pasta.  The bf and I can’t seem to agree and we have about 6 guests coming too.  Now we’re thinking hibachi.  It’s not exactly what I want, but I just don’t know what else to do.  So frustrating!!
  • Post-race lunch – It’s all about the food.  The same group is going to grab a bite after the race.  Since it ends near downtown Norwalk, I’m thinking I should make a reservation.  But where?  Ever feel like restaurants are just eh?
  • Fuel – I’m going to pick up a gel or two for during and probably go the sport beans route beforehand.
  • My ears – All of a sudden my ears are clogged today.  It’s not horrible, but it’s annoying.  And while I feel fine, it’s making me nervous that I’m getting sick so I’m going to try and douse myself with vitamin C etc.  (Side note: my boss has been coughing.  he’s claiming it’s allergies.  if he gets me sick you may have to visit me in prison.)

So this is what happens when a Type A person does something they’ve never done before.  Lots and lots of thoughts and questions.

But like they said on Facebook, only 4 days to go, so for the most part, it is what it is.  Right?


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