Holy crap it’s getting close!

I was going to sensor the title a bit, but why?  It’s truly how I’m feeling.

Less than a week to go (5 days to be precise).  Last long run DONE.  How/when did this happen?

Two weeks ago was a bad running week for me (read: I didn’t really run at all).  This past week was a bit better, but of course made a bit more challenging by work travel.  Grrr.

I ran 4 and 3 miles in CA.  4 miles was without my garmin, without music, and being quite unprepared for the unseasonably warm weather.  Because I didn’t have my garmin, I definitely went out too fast and completed the first 2 miles at a pace that killed me for the second lap.  My 3 miler the next morning was so much better!  My music issue was resolved, it was early so it wasn’t hot, and my pacing was better.  Phew.

Saturday I didn’t run, but Sunday morning I did my long run.  It was supposed to be 6 but based on my sister’s suggestion, I bumped it up to 8.  I went out around 9:30 which is way late for me, but actually a good test based on the half’s start time of 9:00a.

Here’s the route:


Definitely a little bit of everything.  It wasn’t a great run for me.  There was some walking, and a pee break at McDonalds (thank goodness for running on a major street).  But, I did it.  That little uphill right around mile 7 is killer.  Slow steady grade.  That part has killed me on other runs, but this time, I told myself I had to keep going.  And I did!

So this week i’m supposed to run twice and then recover in advance of the half.  I seriously can’t believe it’s so soon!

The race organizer posted this photo and I got the chills.



So I’ll end this post here.  I have quite a few questions/thoughts about the race though so I may write a post later this week with a few of those.

Happy running!


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