12 – I made it to the taper!!

I wrote this Sunday night and then somehow managed to lose it.  Thankfully it was recovered!!!

I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief as my longest run to date (and the longest of the training program) occurred this morning and it was a success!


We literally went ALL OVER town.

Due to my other half having a 9a obligation, we had to leave early.  We figured it would take us a bit over 2 hours, which meant leaving at 6:30 or ideally, earlier.

I set my alarm for 5am and actually woke up then.  I woke up the dog, gave her some food, and took her out for a walk.  It was dark as night and cold.  There was no way that that was going to change anytime soon.

I managed to stall for a bit, but we hit the road around 6a and it was DEFINITELY still completely dark.

Thankfully I had two sets of these light up things that you put on your shoes, so we used those.  We also chose to run without music (until it got light out).  About .25 in I saw a deer.

We ran without headphones for about 5 miles and then I was needing some music.  I swear that as soon as the tunes hit, my pace sped up.

While I didn’t feel amazing, I felt pretty good for almost the whole run.

Around mile 8 I had to pee and happened to be at the beach, near bathrooms, so I went.  Ran in, ran out.  Then my stomach gargled and told me that maybe it wanted to visit the rest room again.  I said “no way stomach!” and continued on my way hoping it would just pass.

I spent miles 8-9 thinking about the bathroom.  Mile 9 thinking I just needed to make it to 10 and could then walk if needed.  Mile 10 improved a bit and I told myself to think about my blister instead of my stomach (anything was an improvement).  10 also included a pretty big hill and was the only time I stopped to walk for about 30 seconds.  Before I knew it, I was at 11 and so so close.  I was tired but managed to push a bit at the end.

And then it was done.

I was really nervous about this run.  To me, this run would tell me if I could succeed with the half or not.  Other people had confidence I could do it, I just wasn’t so sure.  But I did.  🙂


I experimented a bit this time since I’ve found that if I have two gels, the second doesn’t sit well with me (which I mentioned in a previous post).

Today I started with two of these:


The instructions say that you can eat a whole bag 30 minutes before exercise.  I was nervous about my stomach so I only ate 2.  Next time I’ll get a bit more crazy and try 4.

During my run I went with this Clif.


Like I said last time, it’s really thick, but i’m still a fan of the flavor.  This time though, I chose to wait a bit longer before eating it.  I consumed it just shy of mile 7, which I think was a good choice for me.

The next two weeks will be spent with experimenting with food and fuel.  The half starts at 9a, which means I’ll likely be up for 3 hours prior, so I should probably eat something during that time.  My sister suggested half an english muffin with honey or a banana.   I’m leaning towards the muffin.

Any recommendations for someone who usually prefers not to eat anything?

So the taper begins!  Nothing that drastic this week, but still.  Only 19 days till the half.  Crazy!!!


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