10 – It’s really getting closer!

Good evening!  I’m away for work at the moment in Maine and doing my runs up here this week.  Let’s just say BRRRRR.  I hit up TJ Maxx this afternoon after work to buy some warmer gear.  I left my buff at home though and am kicking myself!

This past week was OK.  I got most of my weekly runs in, but not all.  This was mainly because I had to do my long run on Saturday and I really wanted to do it on fresh legs, which meant no running on Friday.  Sunday wasn’t an option so I skipped my Friday run.

The long run was 10. I exchanged emails with my coach and he had wanted us to do a hilly route with a big hill within the first mile and again at the end.  He lives near me, so he suggested a particular road and that’s what we did.

Here’s the usual shot.


I think his route fit the bill.  It was a 10 mile run even though it shows 8.42.  I ended up circling back on part of the route while my running partner had to take a walking break.  Then I also ran some laps in a parking lot during a needed bathroom break.  So my mileage was definitely 10, but I couldn’t easily show that on this map.

It wasn’t bad.  I felt really good until about 7.5 or 8 and then I got tired.  Around 8.5 I made the decision to take another Gu and it didn’t sit that well with my stomach, so I had a little regret…and I was tired.

To me, the fact that I know how far I’m supposed to run makes it so mental.  At 10, my body is DONE.  If it’s 5, at 5, i’m done.  Am I alone with this?

Going back to fueling for a moment, I really have a tough time with a second fuel source.  I’d like to take a second, but either I take it too late or it just doesn’t do anything.  Any suggestions?  Do you do anything different for a subsequent fuel?

Here’s the fuel line up this week:


The first one was new and I can’t say I fully used it.

UCAN is a sponsor of the SONO Half and offered a promotion where you paid shipping and got a bunch of samples.  I figured it was worth a shot.  The product pictured is a different flavor than what I had (berry).  It’s a pre-workout drink.  You are supposed to drink it 30 minutes before you run/workout.

I liked the idea of a pre-drink.  I mixed it up the night before and left it in the fridge so it would be nice and cold.

In the morning I took a sip, and that’s pretty much where it ended.  It reminded me of tums and I just couldn’t get past it.  Chalky and berry flavored.  Yuck.

I’m not completely writing it off, but it will be tough to drink.

I really love the idea of it though, so maybe a different flavor?

And now this tired lady is off to bed.  Sweet dreams!


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