A wedding

In keeping with the theme of clothing related posts, I figured I’d throw this one out there.

I have a wedding to go to in October.  Of course it’s October 17th, the same day as the half marathon.

So after running 13.1 miles, I get to get dressed up and go to a wedding.  Yay.  Sense a little sarcasm there.

I had what I thought to be an ingenious idea…I’d wear a long dress so that I could a) wear compression sleeves b) possibly wear flip flops or sneakers and c) maybe just wear comfy flats.

Has anyone had a similar situation?

I’m actually really digging some long dresses, so that part will work out well.  I just have no idea of the condition of my legs and/or feet and just thinking about having to walk around in heels makes me a little nauseous.




2 thoughts on “A wedding

  1. Wow! that’s a tough one! My suggestion would be to take some tylenol/advil after the race. Also not a bad idea for the compression sleeves if you can get away with that.
    If you are feeling some discomfort…ICE Getting very excited for you!

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