Long weekend recap

It was so nice to have a long weekend!  Work has really been frustrating me, so the extra time away from the office was wonderful.

We closed at 3 on Friday and the plan was to go home and run 3 miles.  I knew that a run at 3:30 wasn’t going to happen because of when I had eaten lunch, so we decided to wait a bit.  During that time, a neighbor came by offering us oysters, which needed to be used quickly, so we changed our plans and instead decided to go to a friend’s house and push the run to Saturday, which was fine with me.

Saturday we got up and did our 3.  We went out a little later than usual because the weather was a bit cooler.  There’s no nice way to say it, it kind of sucked.  My pace was more consistent, but it was tough.  The rest of Saturday had some errands and stuff and then we decided to go out for dinner.

We went to a newer Japanese restaurant in the area.  I had soup and two delicious rolls.  I got scary excited that they had an avocado peanut roll.  It’s one of my favorites and something that I hadn’t seen on a menu in a while.  While the flavor is really good, it’s also a texture thing.  Yum!  It was a really good dinner.

Lying in bed Saturday night I was actually looking forward to my run on Sunday.  I was thinking about the feeling of freedom and just being alone with my music and nature.  So when the alarm went off at 6, I got up, got dressed, and headed out.  I think it was probably about 6:40 by the time I left.  (It’s so crazy to me that sunrise is now after 6:20.)

I decided to do an out and back route that was part of our 10 mile.  It’s a quiet part of town so there’s not much car traffic, plus it’s nicely shaded.

For the first time in ages (possibly ever) I felt good from the moment I started running.  My goal was to focus on consistency, not speed.  I just wanted to be more consistent with my pace over all 7 miles.  It’s not an easy route as it definitely has some hills, but as a result it also has a nice share of downhills and flats.  Here’s the route.


You can definitely see the elevation changes in that image.

I think it was probably my best run.  I just felt really good.  I took a Clif fuel around mile 4, which is what I usually do.  I also tried to convince myself that I really had to run 8, but that didn’t work.

I feel like because I know how far i’m going, that’s what my body can give me.  So I thought if I could pretend I was doing 8, the 7th mile would feel easier because it wasn’t the last.  I’m sure it’s not a big surprise, but that didn’t work. But it was OK because I felt fine.

The last .5 mile was tough because of a slight but persistent incline, but it was the end, so it was OK.

I had been monitoring my pace loosely, just trying to keep it around 10:30-11.  When I finished, I checked my stats and my average time was 10:36 and my range was 10:23-10:45 or so, which was just what I had been hoping for.  I was thrilled!

I got home and did some stretches and foam rolling and then it was busy busy busy because we had a pizza event in the afternoon.  The event was fine, but I was impressed that even with being on my feet all day, my legs felt OK.  My knees were sore as they usually are, but so much better than they have been.  It was great!

I really hope that my next long run doesn’t end up being the opposite, so i’m going to do all I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Maybe sushi should be my pre-run meal?

My fuel of choice for that run?


The verdict?  Pretty good.  It tasted good, but was very thick.  I’d use it again.  But if you don’t like thick stuff, then this probably isn’t for you.  I have a couple called “Second Surge” which is what my sister uses and she said they’re much thinner.  Will of course let you know when I try them.

I also did this run looking like a robber.

Not me, that's a famous golfer.
Not me, that’s a famous golfer.

While i’m loving the cooler temps, my lungs are not loving the cooler air.  I’ve always been sensitive to breathing cold air, so I guess it’s not a real surprise.  After doing a few runs in the cooler temps and struggling with my breathing I decided to break out my Buff.  I kept it on for most of the run and I honestly think it made a huge difference.  I may have scared some cars passing by, but it is what it is.  Another possible reason for it being such a good run?

Monday morning I was teaching a spin class (hooray!!).  It was a Labor Day class at 8:15.  It’s a gym I really want to teach at, so it was good to test the waters.  Class was good.  The room has 49 bikes, which is nuts!  I’d say it was about half full, which is fine for a holiday (and an instructor that no one knew).

I had a couple of people come up to me after to say how much they enjoyed the class, which is a GREAT thing!  I really do love teaching!

After that we did some cleaning and prep and then had friends over for a Labor Day BBQ, which was lovely.

It was a nice weekend made that much better but the moderate temps (with the exception of Monday).

39 days till the half!!!

Do you have a traditional pre-run meal?  Do your lungs burn in the cold?  Favorite fuel?


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