A possible hiccup

Happy Monday.

Today is my birthday (happy birthday to me!) so I am not at work.  That was my gift to myself.

I had a wonderful celebratory weekend thanks to a bunch of surprises by my great significant other.  I’m definitely happy to have today as a day of recuperation.

So here’s what’s new in my running world…

After my good 3+ mile treadmill run in CA i didn’t get a run in on Friday.  I had made the red-eye back to the east coast and a 5:30am arrival doesn’t exactly make for a well rested individual.  I thought about doing my long run on Saturday but was feeling really tired and decided I’d do it Sunday.

Sunday didn’t happen because of the surprises on Saturday that I wasn’t expecting.

But that aside, a run also didn’t happen for another reason.  On Saturday morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and stretched and felt a weird pain in my stomach.  I took note of it and kept moving.  It wasn’t a stomach issue, it just happened to be near my stomach.  Unfortunately it didn’t improve and it may have even gotten a bit worse on Sunday.

6-7 years ago I had a weird bump near my navel that hurt when I put pressure on it.  I went for a CT Scan and was told that I had a fat containing hernia (sounds great, right).  The doctor said that as long as it didn’t bother me there wasn’t any need to do anything about it.  I had my suspicions that my current pain was due to that.

When it didn’t get better on Sunday I decided that I’d go to the doctor on Monday.  I secured an appointment and noon and off I went.

Well, now i’m waiting to be scheduled for another CT Scan and have an appointment with a surgeon next Monday.  Not to say that it will require surgery, but a surgeon would be the one best to determine what I need (after seeing the CT results).

I was told that I shouldn’t run, so it looks like things are on hold.

Of course with the half looming less than two months away i’m a bit worried, but since there’s truly nothing I can do about it, I’m trying my best to just roll with it.

Will update when I have something to share, but in the meantime no running.  Boooo.


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