Weekend recap

Good morning!  Happy Monday!  (blech)

This past week of running was an “easy” week, so my long run was only 6 miles.

Woke up Saturday morning wanting to do anything but run.  I probably would have chosen vacuuming over running (and I don’t clean).  We both felt the same way but knew we should just do it.

I’ve become INCREDIBLY tired of my usual route (making a left at the end of my street, and then a right), so I didn’t care where we went, as long as it wasn’t that route.  So we made a right and headed towards our 10 mile route.  (How many times can one person use the word “route” in a paragraph.  It’s excessive, I’m sorry.)

I guess he wanted to mix things up, so we took a right where we’d usually go straight.  Then at the end of that street he took a left.  Why?  Why?  Why?  I knew what was there, so I probably would have made a right.

See the first green section below.


That was just NASTY.  Nothing quite like running but realizing you aren’t going much faster than if you were walking.  But we powered through and then it was done.  While hills can be miserable, I actually don’t mind them and have found that my recovery afterwards is always improving, which is great.

I keep thinking of this:


So is that better or worse? I’m thinking the hill on Saturday was worse.  A rough incline gain of almost 100 feet in half a mile.  Well now that I look at it, that gain around 2.5 looks pretty intense.  Oh well, it is what it is.

I digress.  The run was pretty rough.  Although I did start to feel OK around mile 2-3.  He wasn’t feeling so great though so we took a couple of walking breaks.  The last mile…miserable!

We made the decision to take a certain road for a stretch at the end of the run.  it’s one of those roads that we’ve driven a hundred times and assumed was flat.  Not so.  Nothing like a persistent steady slight incline to kill you at the end of a run.

So it was a really rough run, but we finished it, and considering how hard it felt, our time wasn’t too too bad.

Just over two months to go to the half.  Crazy!!  I’m already thinking about my outfit.  Of course it’s a good excuse for something new…and i’m thinking COLORFUL!

Have a great Monday!!!!


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