4 > 10

Is the number 4 greater than the number 10?

No?  Really?

Then why did my four mile run this morning feel harder than my 10 mile run on Saturday?

According to my sis the running guru, that’s just how running is.  Some days you wonder how you’ve managed what you’ve done in the past.  She had a great time in the Boston Marathon and told me how at one point she did a 10K (6 miles!) and couldn’t come close to her Boston pace.  I guess it just happens.

I used to joke that for me to run, all the planets had to align.  Of course I was kidding, but it’s kind of true.  For me to get a good run in, magic has to happen.  Magic I apparently have no control of.

This morning I needed to get 4 miles in.  Alarm went off at 5:15 and I got out of the house just after 5:30.  The temperature was about 63 degrees, so there was a bit of a chill in the air.  I decided I was tired of my usual route, so I made a left where I’d usually make a right.


As you may have noticed, nothing around here is flat.  Nothing.  As a driver in a car, I thought these roads were flatter.  Nope!

Today’s route wasn’t the best.  It took me on a stretch of a very main road (which was thankfully quite empty at 6a).  It’s not ever day that I can say I ran past a Lowe’s.  Then it took me on a street that I hate.  I hate this street as a driver, biker, runner.  It’s a curvy street that isn’t that well maintained and it’s just overall eh.

Because there are some sharp turns, you really shouldn’t always be facing traffic as you run, so I did what I never do, and ran on the right side of the road.  Again, thankfully there were no cars.  Well, maybe 2.  And lucky me, one of those stopped to talk to me.  I was thrilled.  A yellow volvo!  My dream car and clearly my dream man!

I’m not really sure what he said to me, but he was a little persistent but once I said “i’m good, thanks” he drove off.  That was a first for me, and even more reason to avoid this street in the future.

But back to the run.  it was tough.  My lungs felt the slight chill in the air (why am I such a wimp).  I felt like I was going at a decent pace but tried not to look at my watch too frequently.  My goal now wtih my shorter runs is to do them faster.

Like I said, it was tough.  The last mile was really tough.  I wondered to myself how I ran 10 when 4 was so hard.  But I kept going and I finished.

Saved my run and checked the Garmin.  Fastest 5K!  Hooray! Still nothing to brag about, but it’s the little victories.  I looked at my lap times and had two miles at 9:59, which for me is HUGE!

It was no doubt tough and not at all fun, but it did feel quite good once it was done.

In other news, my knees still hurt 😦  They’re pretty much OK but hurt after going up and down stairs.  Need to work on that.

In the best news ever, it’s Friday!  Thank goodness!!!!!!


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