Double digits!!

Last week wasn’t a great running week for me.  I was away for work Wednesday through very late Thursday night.  It was a short trip, but those are the worst, and the most tiring.  3 flights in just over 24 hours really isn’t so fun.

I did bring my sneakers and gear, but just couldn’t make a run happen.

After my 8 miles on Tuesday my knees were really hurting.  My left knee got better but my right continued to hurt.  I’d say it was Friday by the time it felt significantly better.

So no running other than 8 on Tuesday happened.  I thought about running on Friday but got persuaded by dinner plans instead.  Oops.  Now that the half is in sight, I need to try my hardest to really stick to the plan.  There, I put it in writing.

Next long run was 10 miles.  Wow!  I had been doing all my long runs on Sundays because I had spin on Saturday mornings.  I no longer have spin, so I figured I’d move my long run to Saturday.  So we got up Saturday morning, got all our gear set and hit the road.


The route ended up being a bit hillier than either of us expected, but there really wasn’t a whole lot we could do about it.

It was a slow 10.  I will admit that I’m way slower than I would have thought, but I guess that’s OK because it gives me something to work towards in the future.  I think most of my miles were around 11:16 or so.  Maybe a couple around 10:45.

For the first time I had two fuel breaks.  Fuels du jour:


The verdict on both:  Eh

I had the Vanilla first, around mile 4 and it wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t great.  It had a honey-ish flavor and I guess some vanilla too.  While I didn’t love it, it definitely did the trick and I felt quite good shortly after consuming it.

I really didn’t care for the Lemon Sublime.  I don’t tend towards fruit flavors but it was all we had in the house (I hadn’t had time to buy more).  This one I took around 8.5 or so.  Maybe it helped, but it didn’t really feel that way.

Back to the run…

I felt pretty good for the first 8.5, so so for 8.5-9 and then the last mile was SO HARD.  Most of the run was in the shade, and the last mile was in full sun.  My right knee and the area behind my knee into my hamstring was really hurting.  I was just spent.  I took a couple of walking breaks and then committed to running the last .25.  Phew.  So tough.

But, I was happy that I felt good for 8.5 miles.  During my 8 mile run, I felt good for about 6-6.5, so maybe that’s the trend…feel good for 2 miles less than the total distance.

I need to look into this knee thing.  It’s Monday and it’s still bothering me a bit.  Most when I go up or down stairs.  Has anyone dealt with something similar, and if so, what is it?  I hope it’s nothing that can’t be overcome!

Per my latest schedule, this week is a slow week, so only two runs and then a long run of 6 miles over the weekend.  This means I should be doing other activities on the non-running days.  That I need to work on.  So I will try.

And with that I’m off.  Happy running (or jogging) to all!!

And let me just say that I never in my life thought i’d be able to run 10 miles.  Never!!!!


2 thoughts on “Double digits!!

  1. Don’t get me started with knee issues. Not sure what your pain is from, but I have chondromalacia patella, better known as ‘runners knee’. Basically, the cartilage behind my kneecap is rough and worn down and my knee cap doesn’t line up properly. I’ve been going to physical therapy, and it’s really helped. They’ve taught me some great stretches and exercises that I can do at home that have strengthened the muscles around my knee as well as my quads and it has made a lot of difference. I hope yours is nothing serious-just be careful with those knees! 😉 Unfortunately for me, running and any type of high impact exercises are out. Like, forever… but good news-cycling is ok. 🙂

    1. My coach seemed to think it’s just that my knees aren’t used to the mileage. My fingers are supremely crossed that that is the case.

      I have no spin classes right now for the first time in six years…it’s so weird.

      Can you message me privately or on FB with the stretches from your PT?

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