A 9 mile activity

Good morning! (this was supposed to go up in the morning, but did not)

Not sure where you are, but in the Northeast, it’s HOT!!!  Although every time I’m about to complain about how hot it is, I remind myself that it’s still a million times better than snow.


How was the weekend?

Weekend here was good.  As is normally the case, I can’t even remember Friday.  Saturday was spin (only one more Saturday class) and then a pizza event.  Thankfully the event ended at 7, so I was home by 8:30/9 and able to relax a bit before calling it a night because….

Sunday Run Day!!

On the schedule for Sunday was 9 miles.  The longest yet!  We wake up and put on the TV as we’re getting ready and every single weather forecast is saying “air quality alert”, “stay inside”, “no strenuous activities”.  Just what you want to hear as you’re getting ready to go out and run.

This was our planned route.

to the beach

While we usually run at the beach, yesterday we decided instead of driving to the beach to run there, we’d run to the beach.  To the beach was about 4.5 or so, which made the loop right around 9+.  Perfect.

Part of what I don’t love about running is just running with no destination or purpose.  This run was great because no matter what, I had to run (or walk) in order to get home.  No cheating.  The beach was a great mid-point because it has bathrooms and water fountains.

Given the heat, we both felt pretty good.  Right around 3.75 I started to feel a little lethargic so I knew it was fuel time.  This weeks fuel:


I’ve never taken a gu and said it was delicious.  This was delicious.  So yum!  I think it might have been my favorite flavor yet, in terms of taste.

We took a bathroom break around 4.5 which gave my body some time to process the Gu, so we were good to go when we started out.  By this point it was about 8:30 or so and it was quite warm.  Around mile 6.25 or so, my other half started to feel warm, so we took a quick break in the shade.  We then continued on.  Around mile 6.5, he said he was feeling nauseous.  Conveniently we were right downtown and there were benches in the shade.  He sat for a bit and then we decided we’d take a walking break.  There was an insane uphill coming up and I thought it was best for him to walk it (and me too).

We walked up the hill and at mile 7.25 or so started running again.  At that point he asked me if the fuel I had bought him had caffeine in it.  While he didn’t actually say it, I knew that this meant that he was feeling off and looking for a reason.  I told him no.  We jogged along for another .2 or so and then I knew he needed to stop, so I stopped and started walking.  His exact words to me were “Why are you stopping, you don’t need to?” and my response to him was “I don’t, but you do.”

Given the heat and the risk of dehydration or even heat stroke, there was no way I was going to leave him and since he didn’t seem to want to give up, I’d force him to. 🙂

So from that point on we walked.  I felt good knowing that I felt OK and could have finished the last 2 or so miles, but I know that what I did was the right thing to do.

So as he called it, we did a 9 mile activity.  Not completely a run, so an activity.

Have you ever been sidelined by the heat?  How good are you at listening to your body and knowing when to dial it back?  I feel like that’s a tough one, especially for athletes (not that I’m calling myself an athlete).

Happily enjoying a recovery day today since it’s HOT.  Have a great week!!!


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