________________ and Running

Some different topics today.

Strength training and running

I know that strength training is important and in the past I’d always been pretty good about getting it done.  Since starting to train for the half?  Not so much.  I will occasionally do some upper body work, but my lower body effort has disappeared.  Why?  Because I’m scared of being too sore.

My current running schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  I’m leery about strength training on an off day because of the odds of being really sore the next day for my run.  So I think what I need to do is use running days for strength as well, and probably the most ideal would be Wednesday and ???  What other day could I use?  It seems like Sunday after a long run would NOT be the best time for leg work.  But when?  Any suggestions?  Maybe I’ll email my coach.

And what about DOMS? (delayed onset muslce soreness, and yes, this is a real thing)

I’ll quiet down on this topic for now.

Weight loss and running

I’m a woman.  Weight loss is not easy.  In March I started running (almost 4 months ago).  I made no drastic changes to my life other than all of a sudden running four times a week.  Did my weight change?  Nope.

It completely stumped me that adding activity and keeping all other things steady didn’t cause some sort of change.  Something.

I “think” change is finally starting to happen.  I think.  I am however paying a bit more attention to what I’m eating, so perhaps that’s helping.  And I’m guessing the lack of attention to the first topic isn’t helping.

I’m not unhappy with my weight but I do keep hearing my sister say that running is easier when there’s less weight to carry.  I get that.  I want to float and glide.  Yeah right, like that will ever happen.

Other cardio and running

Thankfully I have spin classes two times a week, otherwise I’m pretty sure running would be my only cardio.  I kind of feel like it’s taken over my life.  We used to bike.  It may be partially due to a busy schedule, but I can’t imagine fitting in another activity (see strength training).

Yesterday I was at the gym for almost 2.5 hours.  My plan was to get my 3.5 miles in and then teach my class.  Unfortunately I got to the gym a little late, so I only managed 1.5 before class, which mean that when class ended at 7:20ish I needed to do another 2.  Add in to this the fact that it’s a social place and someone always wants to chat, so that took some time.

But I committed to myself that this would be a good running week, so I just had to get it done.  It was fine.

The 1.5 was harder than the 2 but only because I was talking to someone during the 1.5, which brings me to the next topic….

Talking and running

Help!  I’m a solo runner for the most part.  Or I will run side by side with people, but with music.  Talking is tough.  I got.so.out.of.breath.  I actually had to slow my pace a bit.

Just like I had to learn how to talk while Spinning, I guess it’s the same with running.  Any suggestions?  Do you talk when you run?

I think that’s all from me for now.  Have a wonderful humid day!!!  Another choice running quote from my sis “humidity is the poor man’s altitude”.  Nice!


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