A word that looks and sounds like its meaning.  Right?

Running was non existent last week.  After coming back from vacation and feeling good, all of a sudden every ounce of motivation went away.  I was tired and busy.  Bad combo.

I will improve this week.  I will.

I’m still tired and feeling meh, but i’ve got to figure out a way to shake it.  Maybe going to bed at 8?  🙂  Wishful thinking.  I’m going to be positive and say that this week will be better than last.

So how was my weekend?

It was OK.  Saturday was spin.  Since the gym announced it’s closure, it’s become a bit of a ghost town.  Staff members have decided that there’s no need for them to show up and the members are dwindling.  Thankfully I have an incredibly loyal group of spinners who will show up as long as I am there.  And conversely, I will show up till the end as long as I know they will be there.  So the gym was deserted, but the class was fine.

Saturday night was a pizza event and for the first time EVER, I ate only one piece.  Unheard of!

I had my audition on Sunday.  It’s been about 5 years since my last audition and I will admit I was nervous.  To date I had a perfect record of getting every class I auditioned for.  It was weird to be nervous about something I am so comfortable doing, but it happens.  Thankfully the nerves went away pretty quickly and the audition went well.  I’m supposed to be hearing from them today with an offer to join the team.  Fingers crossed!

We were told to put together three songs; flat, jumps, hill.  Being type A, I had 6 songs, in case someone had the same song as me, and so I could feel out the group.  They were all songs that have a good class reaction.

So if you’re looking for a few songs to add to a workout playlist, here they are:


That’s a grab from spotify.  I love spotify.  While most of my music is geared towards spinning, it would definitely work for running as well, so if you’re a spotify user, feel free to follow me at jessicabondell.

Hope to be posting about running again soon.  Have a great week!!!


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