Hope all the Americans had a nice 4th of July.

I actually fled the country for a last minute trip to the Dominican Republic.  The way the holiday fell I was able to take only two days off from work and get a 5 day vacation in.  Perfect!

Some eye candy…

20150705_142535 20150705_142708

What you don’t see in those photos is the massive amount of seagrass that had accumulated on the beach.  It’s nature, so there’s not much you can do, but it was pretty intense and like nothing i’d seen before.  But anyway…

I was supposed to run 8.5 while I was there, but after struggling through 3+, I knew it wasn’t in the cards.  Yes, it was hot, but what really killed it was the humidity.  I’d say it was as high as possible without it raining.  The second you walked outside you started sweating.  Even standing still.

We did two 3 mile runs while we were there.  Nowhere near 8.5 but probably as hard as a 10 mile run. 🙂

I’m a bit off from my schedule and missed incorporating strides as my coach called it (speed intervals as I call it).  Hoping to get back to the schedule ASAP.  This was actually a planned easy week with a few 2 mile runs and a long run of only 5 (ok, never thought “only 5” would come out of my mouth).  I think the break is coming at a good time.

In other areas of my life, I received an email last Tuesday that the gym I teach at is going to be closing.  On one hand I was completely shocked, but on the other I really wasn’t surprised.  Membership was down and the company (TSI) as a whole apparently isn’t doing very well.

Right now I teach only two classes a week and both are at the same gym.  So that means unless I find something quickly, I’ll be teaching zero classes.  I’ve been teaching there for almost 6 years and have made so many good friendships in that time that it makes me sad to leave.  The members want to know where I’m going but it’s looking like if I do go elsewhere, it might not be near the old gym.  Guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

That said, I do have an audition on Sunday.  Fingers crossed!

So that’s about it here.  Just back to the grind and getting back in to my routine.

Happy Thursday!!!


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