8 – and a new look

Good morning!!!  For some reason I always want to say guten morgen in a German accent (no clue on the spelling there).  It’s weird, but not that weird because I’ve been to Germany a few times and that’s what they say…and I like it. 🙂 It’s Monday. First, the new look.  I once again changed the layout of the blog and included a new photo header.  While it has NOTHING to do with running or fitness, I like it, and it makes me smile.  I was in Belgium (coincidentally part of a trip to Germany) for work and after a storm we saw a full rainbow.  Had I not been with work folks, I probably would have taken a gazillion photos, but instead I only took about 6.  I love Belgium.  I love rainbows. The 8 On the schedule for this week was a long run of 8 miles for Sunday.  While I had every intention to do the run on Sunday, once again, it didn’t happen.  It was raining and I had to be somewhere by 9:30, so it would have been tight.  So we made the decision to push the run out to Monday morning, before work. Running 8 miles when your pace is 10-11 minutes/mile requires some significant time.  Add to that a short drive to a starting location and we’re talking a really early wake-up. The alarm went off at 4:30.  I actually woke up on my own and looked at the clock at 4:10.  I sort of fell back to sleep, but not really.  We decided to snooze until 4:45 although I realized around 4:35 that I wasn’t actually going to fall back to sleep, so I just got up.  It scares me that my body doesn’t mind getting up before 5.  When did THAT happen? We left the house a bit after 5 and probably started running around 5:30.  The beginning of the run showcased a beautiful sunrise and what was supposed to be a cloudy day actually cleared up enough to be a pretty, not too hot morning. 8 The last run we did at the beach, was supposed to be 7.5 but ended up being 4.2, and it was tough.  From the moment that run started, I felt heavy.  Thankfully I felt much better from the start of this run.  My only thoughts today were that 8 miles is looooong and that my stomach wasn’t 100%. I purposely thought carefully about what i had for dinner last night and went with a veggie burger.  Apparently that wasn’t the right choice.  I had planned on bringing leftovers for lunch but after tasting them  all morning (too much?), I’m OK with never eating them again, so I left them at home. I was nervous about my stomach but am happy to say that it was OK.  I did have some nausea and some acidy feelings, but nothing came out of them and to me that’s all that matters. Per my coach’s suggestion, I tried to take a little water every mile. About 45 minutes in I went for fuel.  Today’s fuel of choice brought to you by Honey Stingers. classicgel-gold-web_1 I’m still going through the process of evaluating fuels as I bought three different types a few weeks ago.  This one wasn’t bad but it was definitely sweet. The good:  It tastes like honey, not really much else.  It was a bit thinner that some of the others.  The logo – who doesn’t want a mean looking bee pushing you forward? The OK: I felt like there was more in the package than some of the others.  I’d prefer to consume as little as possible but I’m not sure if this is really a big deal. The bad:  Can’t really say anything about it was bad.  Just sweet.  And no caffeine, but maybe another variety does have caffeine. It definitely helped.  I will say that mile 8 was tough but we got through it and ended up finishing in a little less than an hour and a half. And now, everything is a little sore.  I did some stretching but just may close my door at lunch and do some more at work 🙂 It’s crazy to me that the half is only another 5 miles.  Sounds like a lot and a little at the same time!  According to my sister the running star, if you can do 8, you can totally do 13.  Hmmmm. This is my last week on my current schedule and it introduces some speed workouts.  He calls them something else but I can’t think of it.  I believe it’s a 1/4 mile interval at a faster pace.  Will follow up on that one shortly. As I probably won’t post till next week, I hope all my US friends have a Happy July 4th!  (and a happy Canada Day to any Canadians)


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