Well that’s an ugly number to look at!!  Maybe it wouldn’t be ugly if it represented something I was trying to stop doing (i.e. rolling my eyes at my boss or eating cookies).  🙂  But for running, something I’m working on doing more, it’s not the best.

Although I can barely even remember last week, I do know it was tough for running.  The weather was HOT and my morning motivation was seriously low.

I think I got two weekday runs in, one outside, one on the treadmill.  So that left me short one “short” run.

The plan was to do my long run EARLY on Sunday since it was Father’s Day and my family was coming to visit.  Saturday was rainy and pretty gross.  We had a pizza event on Saturday night and even though it ended at a reasonable time, standing on your feet for hours is really tough on the body.  I went to bed almost immediately upon getting home and set the alarm for 6a.  When I woke up everything hurt, plus it was raining.

I was literally riddled with conflict as I tried to decide what to do.  Everything hurt, it was raining, and I was tired.  Plus there was lots to do before the visitors arrived.  Ultimately we decided that a run was not going to happen.  I’ll admit I felt incredibly guilty, but it’s not like you can just do a quick 7.5 miles and get it out of the way.  Or maybe you can, but I can’t.  So no run on Sunday.

No run on Monday because it was a long day full of meetings.

So this morning the alarm went off at 4:45 and after a bit of procrastination, we headed out.  By the time we got to the beach it was about 5:30 which was later than I would have liked and therefore making 7.5 tough in terms of me still getting to work.

Rambling aside, this morning ended up at about 4.25.  Not quite anywhere near 7.5.  But still something.

I still feel guilty but it is what it is.  I may or may not get my 7.5 in sometime this week before trying for 8 on Sunday.  While I’m beating myself up a bit, I’m also reminding myself that I haven’t missed one long run in the past 11 weeks that I’ve been training, so I guess that’s OK. Right?


Do you run in the rain?  If so, are you worried that your ipod or music source will be ruined? (that’s my #1 concern)

What’s your fuel of choice?  So far I’ve used a Clif in mocha and a Gu in lemonade.  I think I prefer the Gu. (edited to say: I think I preferred the Clif, my mistake.) In my belt today was a Honey Stinger but it didn’t get used.

Have a great day!  Work here and then spin tonight…always fun after a 4:45 wake up.  Happy running!


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