I don’t usually write on Fridays but today I felt like I had a few things I wanted to mention (for the 2 or so of you who are reading). 🙂

I’m so glad it’s Friday!!  (always am!)

Yesterday I received the next four weeks of my training plan.  For the week ending July 5th, my long run will be 8.5 miles.  Yikes!!!  Thinking about that is daunting but at the same time there’s a part of me that knows I can do it.  Guess it ties to the part of me that can’t believe I went from 1 mile to 5 miles in 9 weeks.  But I did.

The next four weeks continue like the past 10, with moderate runs during the week (3-4 miles) and a long run on Sunday.  Toward the end of the last week, he’s adding in strides, which I would have called speed intervals.  Here’s his description:

If you have 3 miles with 4 strides, you would warm up for approx 1 mile. After that turn the treadmill up or speed up outside to a pace that is equivalent to what you think you could run a 5k at. If you are not sure, just run as hard as you can while still maintaining good form and breathing. These only last .10 so push hard. After the stride slow down as much as needed to recover for .25, then on to the next stride. When you are done with the last stride use the remaining miles to cool down at a nice easy pace.

I’ve unofficially done these on treadmill runs, so I look forward to giving them a try and having something to mix up steady state running.

I’m still having a hard time with my stomach and figuring out just what it is that triggers my pain.  So far it’s wildly inconsistent and I can’t seem to make heads or tails of it.  For lunch yesterday I had a salad and a few rolls (oops!  but I was hungry).  I could tell the salad dressing wasn’t sitting that well with me but I was hoping it would resolve itself.

I had three miles to do so after work I changed and headed out.  It started OK but about .25 miles in I got a really bad pain in my lower left abdomen.  I kept going and it got worse.  With each hit of the pavement it was giving me some sharp pains.  I just might have been moaning in pain, but I told myself to just push.  What was I going to do if I ended up with a stomach ache the morning of the half?

So I slowed my pace, focused on my breathing, and just kept going.  It was tough and anyone who drove by me might I have thought I needed help (or was a miserable person) based on the grimace on my face.

Amazingly, somewhere around 1.5 things improved.  I honestly don’t know what happened but all of a sudden it was so much better.  Still not 100% but a huge huge improvement.  I was able to finish my 3 actually feeling good, which was such a pleasant surprise.

This was really my first example of just pushing through and it felt good!

Years ago someone also told me that if I had stomach pain while working out I should focus on the usual in through the nose and out through the mouth but really force out the air on the exhale.  This is not to be done in a crowded spin class because you kind of sound a little nutty.  That said, it’s perfect for running, especially if you’re alone.  I don’t know if it truly helps, but I feel like it does.  Ever heard this?

And last.  I bought new headphones and figured I’d give them a mention.  I had been using the earbuds that came with my iPod and while they were OK, they had a tendency to fall out if I moved my head or was sweating too much.

I decided to give wireless a try, however I refused to pay the steep price tag that comes along with most quality bluetooth headphones.  So I went with these:


I was a bit skeptical due to the price but the reviews were pretty favorable.  I found a review on CNET which pretty much said that if they fit you right, they’re a good value.  Granted, the sound isn’t Beats or Bose quality, but for my runs, it’s just fine.

I’ve only used them once and they did take a little getting used to, but so far so good.  Not having a cord hanging down was quite nice!

So that’s what’s on my mind today.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!


4 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. I am still one of your avid readers 🙂 You are doing so awesome and you will be so ready by October! Oh and I love my wireless headset 🙂

  2. I’m still reading too! 🙂 I may have to try those wireless headphones.. I hate the cord hanging while running! I think the breathing technique definitely helps when you get those pains during a run. If I eat within 2-3 hours of a run, I am guaranteed to get horrible side stitch pains. That’s why I prefer to run in the morning before breakfast, but I haven’t been able to get out of bed for a morning workout in weeks!

    1. Yay! Thank you!
      Wireless headphones are definitely great, but they can be sooo expensive, which is why I went with the bargain version.
      I agree that the morning runs are the best, but it can be soooo hard to get up. 😦

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