5 – Again

Good morning and happy Monday!

The weekends always go by way too fast!

This past week was an OK running week.  I got in three of my four runs.  Friday I just felt incredibly blah and my stomach was really off.  I just couldn’t imagine running, so I didn’t.  I did think about trying to get my miles in before my class on Saturday but thought that might hurt my long run on Sunday.

Long run this week was five again.

I think I’ve said it before, but 5 miles is far!  It’s really hard for me to pick a route of that distance.  I do a mile loop at the beach and then head out onto the roads.


I usually leave the beach around 1.1 so my plan is that I go out for about 2 and then turn around and retrace, so I end up finishing at the beach at 5.  It worked well this week, it was just far.

This week was the first time I actually had to stop and walk.  It was odd because all of a sudden I just got tired.  My legs actually felt OK, as did my breathing, but I just had to stop.  I walked for exactly one minute and then started again.  I wondered if perhaps I needed something to fuel me.

I woke up around 7 but didn’t run until at least 9, so I was up for two hours and had coffee, but nothing to eat. I need to investigate the fuel thing a bit more.

I finished my 5 feeling a bit tired (it was HOT!) but good.  My average pace was 20 seconds above last week, but that was the walking, so overall I was pretty pleased.

Next week is 6 and I’m thinking multiple laps at the beach may be in the cards for me.

I’m also getting ready to sign up for a bunch of official races, just to get into that again.  Since my one and only 5K was an interesting experience, I need to improve on that.

And with that, it’s time to start the work week.  Have a great week!  (whether you’re running or not)


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