When do you fuel?

Good morning!

An out of the ordinary quick mid-week post.   Looking for a little feedback.

So when do you feel the need for fuel?  At what distance do you need a little something to keep you going?

Do you eat before runs?

What do you use for fuel?

As a rule I don’t eat before exercise, or if I do, it needs to be at least 3 hours before, which makes eating in the morning tough.  My stomach is easily upset, so this is what works for me.

During my 5 miles I felt a bit nauseous around mile 4.25 and wondered if perhaps I needed something in my stomach.  Granted, I don’t think a gu/gel/chew would do much, but it made me stop and think.

I truly have no idea of when I should be thinking about fuel.  5 miles?  6 miles?  10 miles?

What’s your experience?


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