I think this once a week posting thing is working out pretty well…plus those really clever post titles. 🙂

Happy post-memorial day weekend!  June is right around the corner, which is kind of crazy to think about…especially since memories of snow are just a little too fresh.

Last week wasn’t so great for me in terms of running.  My schedule called for 1.5 on Tuesday, 2 miles on Wednesday, and then 3 on Friday, culminating in 5 on Sunday.

What did I actually do?  1.5 on Tuesday.  I was in California for work Wednesday through Friday, which made it tough.  I brought my sneakers and gear, but it just didn’t happen.  I probably could have done it on Wednesday evening, but work got in the way.  And again, I probably could have run Thursday morning, but I had a lot of prep work to do and was concerned about timing.  I figured I’d run Thursday evening, until I got to my hotel and saw the surrounding area and decided it was a no go.  So I unofficially took a week off.  In hindsight I should have pushed more, but I didn’t.  It happens.

I also thought about running on Saturday before class, but that too didn’t happen.  Does thinking about a run count? 😉

Long run on Sunday, still going to happen.  Until it didn’t.  Sunday morning I woke up tired and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed just.a.bit.longer.  So I did.  I pushed the long run off to Monday.

Sunday night I left a friend’s house early so I could go to bed early and wake up to run.  Alarm went off Monday morning at 6 and I woke up and had some coffee.  I didn’t plan to leave until 7:30/8 but wanted to be awake long enough to give my system time to wake up.

Around 8+ we headed to the beach.  Gorgeous weather and quiet, it was perfect for a run.

I started my run feeling meh.  I was a little concerned but kept reminding myself that it takes a mile or two for it to get “easier”.  So I kept going.  I didn’t have much of a route but thanks to my Garmin that’s never an issue.

I miscalculated distances twice, right around the 3 mile mark and then again at the end.  So I added a loop on a local street and then finished my run in a parking lot.  5 miles is 5 miles regardless of where it ends.

So I did it!  Even without properly training the week before I ran my 5 miles.  What surprised me most was the fact that I was a good 20 seconds faster than any other run.  I was very encouraged by this, but am trying not to be too encouraged because I really don’t want to feel let down next week.

Next week is 5 again and then it goes to 6.  Look out 10Ks!!!

On a side note….I always run with a tissue and this time I forgot.  I felt like a real runner when I had to blow my nose into my hand and then wipe my face and hand with my shirt.  Is that an over share?  🙂


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