Good morning!!!

Happy pre-Memorial Day week.  Crazy that it’s so close!  Also crazy that right now it’s only 57 degrees outside.

Running is moving along nicely although I expect this to be a tough week to stick to my schedule as a quick work trip will try to mess everything up.  I’m bringing my gear, so I will do my best but an entire day of travel doesn’t make it easy.

My long run this past weekend was 4.5 miles.  I did my 4 mile at the beach, where it was flat, but due to a lack of time, for this one I just walked out of the house and went.

My plan was pretty much to run out 2.25 and then turn around to do a loop.  I did that for the most part, although I got bored, so I detoured a bit and ended up fishing my 4.5 about a quarter mile from my house, which allowed me to walk a bit after, which was great.

Let me just say that hills are sneaky!  I learned this when I started biking, but it’s crazy how you can have no clue that there is a hill when you’re driving and then boom! it gets you on a bike (or on foot).

A perfect example of this was my route from Sunday.


At the 2.9 mark the slight incline started.  This was definitely one of those times where I didn’t even realize it was an uphill.  Over half a mile like that was definitely tough…but I did it 🙂  (I’ve since driven that road a few times and have definitely noted the hill.)

Overall it was a decent run and I felt OK for the majority of it.  Hooray!

Once I finished I walked a bit and then broke into a jog when a car let me pass.  At that point the running/jogging felt great, which made me stop and think about the value of taking a walking break.

I seem to think my sister mentioned that in all previous marathons (not Boston) she had walked at one point or another.  Do you take walking breaks?  Do you feel that they help?  How long do you walk for?

Enjoy the week and the holiday weekend!  I’m running 5 on Sunday.  Yikes!


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